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Fast guide on 5 different types of blinds

Blinds are a popular window covering option that is highly versatile, functional, and pretty. All love these clean, neat, and aesthetically pleasing window coverings and these indoor blinds in Adelaide Are available in various options. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about these blinds being stiff and challenging to clean because there are many blind options available on the market. From wooden and aluminium blinds to single and double fabric blinds. Let’s have a look at 5 excellent blind types. 

Venetian blinds

These blinds are made from aluminium, faux wood, or natural wood. Due to this, they are also known as wooden blinds or aluminium blinds. The control mechanism of these blinds is placed on top of the blinds at the handrails. There are also decorative balances that are attached to match the slacks. 

Two control options are available in Venetian blinds:

  1. One for tilting the slabs 
  2. One for raising and lowering the slabs

The wooden blinds have decorative tapes attached to them. Due to this, they are also called tape blinds. You can use these blinds as an alternative for window shutters since they come at a fraction of the price of the window shutters. Moreover, using slats, you can control the light entering your room.

Roller blinds

These are made from fabric, with one or two rulers attached to the ends. They are either called roller blinds or double roller blinds due to this. While using two rollers, you add an extra layer to reduce the brightness of the sun and a blackout layer for the night. 

There is another type of roller blind known as zebra blind or duo blind. It is a single fabric blind made using a complex wave of blackout strips and voile. This is why they are also known as day and night blinds. When you unroll them, the blackout strips block the sun and help you control the light entering your room. 

Roller blinds are available in a variety of colours, patterns, light filtration, and fabrics at Northside Curtains & Blinds. Their blinds also come in PVC and are waterproof, sturdy, flammable, and easy to wipe.

Roman Blinds 

These Blinds are luxurious and made from thicker fabric than roller blinds. They have rods sewn inside them to create even folds. When you pull the chords, these Blinds unfold neatly from atop the window. 

These Blinds are not rolled around a roller which is available in a variety of fabrics and textures. Instead, they provide dimensions to your blinds and have a variety of lining, such as thermal and blackout. 

They are an excellent choice for winter because of the thermal lining that blocks the cold. Moreover, like roller Blinds, they also come in an array of patterns, light filtering choices, and colours. 

Pleated Blinds 

These are fabric blinds that fold open and close. These are single pleated blinds with a simple design and are available in circular or honeycomb patterns. They can be attached directly to the window frame without drilling or screwing. Pleated blinds use a tab instead of a cord since cords can be dangerous for young children.

Vertical Blinds

These Blinds are similar to Venetian Blinds in function and design. However, instead of being horizontal like Venetian Blinds, they are vertical and can be opened easily with the two chords available on the sides that effortlessly glide across the Handrail and are kept together by chains. 

However, the fabric of vertical Blinds is thinner and overlaps easily. Thus it is usually available in either Black Out or dimout options. Vertical Blinds are easily affordable and are an excellent choice for a French door or a sliding window.


These are 5 fantastic blinds that you can use for your home or office. Indoor blinds in Adelaide can be used for sliding doors, french doors, sliding windows, and even for room partitioning. Blinds are a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home, and good quality blinds undoubtedly garner attention.

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