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Fast Orthodontics Invisible braces in Lahore at your Door Step

We all dream of a bright smile, beautiful white, straight teeth. Indeed, an elegant smile strengthens self-confidence and helps to exceed one’s limits, both in the professional sphere and in private life.

Many options are available to patients in this context: braces, dental appliances, etc. However, their wearing is not always easy, especially in adulthood.

The Invisalign method is ideal for treating these dental complexes discreetly, with safety, comfort and without any social exclusion.

This orthodontic treatment makes it possible to straighten the teeth of adult patients and to correct their smile thanks to a series of almost invisible braces in Lahore (also called “aligners”), designed to measure and to be as discreet as possible.

Invisalign aligners your teeth seamlessly!

Until now, teeth misalignment has been treated with a conventional orthodontic appliance. These are the devices that children wear most of the time; rings, unsightly and restrictive, which are certainly effective but deeply affect the daily lives of those who wear them.

Now, a transparent and removable alternative is available to patients. It is called Invisible braces in Lahore , and is revolutionizing therapeutic practices in the field of orthodontics.

Anticipate the final result of Invisalign:

First, we will determine if your mouth can benefit from Invisalign treatment .  The next step is to record your data, take impressions of your teeth, photos, X-rays, etc. in order to carry out a virtual simulation of the treatment offered by Ensmile.

The invisible braces in Lahore treatment process thanks to the realization of technology, allows you to visualize in 3D the future evolution of your smile, step by step, until the final result! Even before the start of your treatment, you can anticipate the aesthetic and functional result that will be obtained at the end of the treatment. It is therefore in full transparency that you make the decision to start the care phase.

An informed patient and master of his choices: this is the promise kept by the Invisalign system .

Keep smiling during your treatment:

Unlike a conventional orthodontic appliance, the Invisalign system offers a removable and transparent solution. The principle of operation is based on the use of aligners. These are translucent aligners made to measure from your dental impressions.

They adapt perfectly to your mouth, and work by moving your teeth very gradually. Every two weeks or so, you change aligners, and your teeth continue their series of micro-movements to the prescribed end position.

Invisible braces in Lahore advantageously eliminates all the constraints inherent in the use of a conventional orthodontic appliance. The days of unsightly metal rings are over.

The transparency of the aligners is a guarantee of discretion: nothing more hinders your desire to smile throughout the treatment! Effectively aligning your teeth without affecting your social life, this is the major innovation of the Invisalign revolution !

Removable, the aligners can be removed at any time by the patient, without the intervention of a professional. This flexibility of use facilitates oral hygiene, making it easier to clean teeth and gums.

Unlike a conventional device which imposes dietary restrictions, Invisible braces in Lahore allows the consumption of all types of food, since the aligners can be removed and replaced by the patient himself. For unparalleled comfort on a daily basis.

Invisible Braces

Progress of Invisalign treatment:

Invisible Braces in Lahore are made of a highly resistant thermoplastic material and are tailor-made, according to the patient’s teeth, to be able to fit perfectly.

The treatment includes a number of Invisalign aligners that will have previously determined and lasts from 6 to 24 months. Each set should be worn 22h / 24 for 2 weeks before moving on to the next. The purpose of aligners is to move your teeth gradually, carefully and gently by putting pressure on them.

Invisalign treatment consists of several stages. As explained previously, a first appointment is first of all necessary to take impressions and photographs. A computer simulation of the treatment is then carried out to preview the final result.

This is called the CLIN Check. Once the treatment protocol has been validated by the patient and the dentist, the placement of the aligners requires a new consultation and follow-up appointments approximately every 2 months.

As the patient progresses through the treatment, his teeth gradually shift, until they reach the final corrected position. In addition to controlling movement, the Invisalign method also has an eye on movement speed.

At the end of the treatment, a restraint is placed. The latter prevents the newly aligned teeth from returning to their initial position. To do this, we place an invisible compression thread on the inside of the teeth. Depending on the case, he may also recommend that you wear a specific aligner at night.

The installation of invisible braces in Lahore does not imply social exclusion since the aligners are transparent. Patients simply experience minimal, temporary discomfort for a few days when using a new set.

A large panel of cases treated:

The range of orthodontic problems treated with Invisalign is particularly wide. It ranges from the most minor cases to the most complex. Overlapping or spacing of teeth, occlusion defect or cross-joint problem: these are just a few examples among many that can be solved thanks to this innovative process.

The versatility of the Invisalign system has helped treat more than 4 million people around the world over the past 10 years. Patient testimonials are unanimous. Many of them refused orthodontic treatment, because wearing a traditional appliance appeared to them to be an insurmountable challenge!

They suffered their complexes, and dared not smile for years. The discretion and ease of use of the aligners encouraged them to take the plunge. The Invisalign system gave them much more than a harmonious smile: self-esteem and newfound confidence!

Ensmile is at your disposal to explain more fully the orthodontic treatments with the Invisalign system .

 What are the benefits of Invisible braces in Lahore treatment?

The system has been proven since 2001 and the advantages of this treatment and technology are numerous and highly appreciated, namely:

  • Invisalign is a transparent dental appliance . The rendering is almost invisible. It is therefore very aesthetic and in no way harms the sociability of the patient.
  • The system is convenient in use . The trays for the teeth are removable, so they can be removed when the patient wishes (provided that the latter respects the prescribed 22 hours of daily wear). It also means that no particular diet is prescribed, which is not the case when wearing metal rings.
  • Thermoplastic material is more comfortable than metal . It does not scratch the tongue or lips and does not generate irritation, especially since the device can be removed if the feeling of compression becomes intolerable.

Invisalign clear braces are made with 3D virtual imaging technology using software. This 3D virtual treatment plan shows the movements that the teeth will follow during the process and, most importantly, allows the patient to see from the beginning how their smile will look at the end of the orthodontic treatment.

Every 8 weeks you will receive a new set of bits that move your teeth into the desired position step by step. For example, with Invisalign braces, straight teeth and a radiant smile can be achieved within 5 to 16 months on average.

However, there are some limitations to this technology, which must be taken into account in certain cases. In particular, Invisalign technology is not suitable for all orthodontic-type problems . Ensmile is at your disposal to explain more fully the orthodontic treatments with the Invisalign system .

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