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Has 2020 left you feeling sluggish and unmotivated? If the answer is yes then it’s time to join a Melbourne fitness studio. Here are some of the benefits of joining a fitness studio. 


When you join a fitness studio you have a range of options for you to choose from. Exercise machines that most studios offer include treadmills, stair climbers, stair steppers, bikes, elliptical, rowing machines, and more. They will also have a range of weights for you to choose from to suit your fitness level. You will have access to professional help and assistance from the instructors to make sure you are using the equipment correctly. 


Pilates, barre, boot camp, Zumba, yoga, CX, pump, and more! Another reason to join a fitness studio is to have access to a wide range of fitness classes. 2020 was the year of online gym classes and it’s just not the same as going to the studio and being around inspiring people to keep you motivated. 


Fitness studios create a community where you motivate each other whatever your personal fitness goal may be. This is not only physically rewarding but also mentally, as you have the support of people who are sweating it out alongside you. 


A fitness studio is a place where you can forget about your work and your daily stresses and just focus on the exercise that you need to. By getting out of the house to exercise means you’re not distracted by the household chores you can see that need to be done. You also won’t have family distracting you or your phone going off. 

Energy Boost

Regular physical activity can improve your strength and enhance your energy levels. This is achieved by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues when you exercise. This helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. This also helps improve your heart and lung support, giving you extra energy to tackle your busy day to day requirements. 

Sleep Better

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? It may be due to a lack of exercise. Regular exercise can assist you in falling asleep faster. Try exercising first thing in the morning as this creates a great start to your day. Make sure you’re not exercising right before you go to bed as you might be too energized from the exercise to fall asleep. 

Improve your mood

Are you feeling a little down in the dumps? Do you need to let off some steam after a stressful week? Becoming a member of the gym or a studio gives you a space to exercise which stimulates brain chemicals that will leave you feeling less anxious, more relaxed, and positive. As you start to exercise frequently you may also start to feel better about your physical appearance which can improve your self-esteem and your confidence. 

Weight control

If you’re looking to lose weight, then regular exercise can help you with this. As you exercise you burn calories. If you are specifically wanting to lose weight, intensify your workout. The more intense the exercise, the more calories you will burn.

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