Florite: One of the best sensor for plasma cutter

If you need a faster cutting experience, try a plasma cutter. You can rely on it to cut various types of metals, both thick and thin. Plasma cutting offers you the simplest and quickest way to cut conductive metals. Plasma cutting will help to increase your productivity while still lowering the cost of cutting. But you’ll have to be keen with plasma cutting operation to avoid collision until a new program is formed and confirmed. You can promote an effective check on plasma cutting by using a Florite sensor for your plasma cutter. 

In case of any collision with trouble, your expensive tools should be secured from breakage. That’s why the Florite sensor for your plasma cutter will be a module to eliminate accidents that hinder the line of low cost and mass production. 

Anytime the system experiences overload, collision, or impact, the Florite sensor will send a stop signal to the system controller using a pressure drive. At the same time, it helps to release the air chamber and absorb shock, which protects your plasma cutter machine.

Why use Florite sensor in your plasma cutter machine

1. Offers a high degree of accuracy

Many factors determine quality cut during plasma cutting, and gas supply is among them. You need high-quality gas at the correct flow rate. That’s where Florite sensors become essential when using a plasma cutter machine.

A Florite sensor will help monitor the flow rate of gas during plasma cutting and give the most accurate results. Apart from flow monitoring gas flow rate, the sensor also helps measure and control the flow rate of pressure needed in plasma cutting. 

Every nozzle in the plasma cutter is made to perform to an optimum current depending on given pressure and gas flow. If you increase the required pressure, it can lead to a decrease in electrode life. Any increase in nitrogen gas beyond the limit will result from torching starting problems—that why you need a Florite sensor to maintain accurate flow rates.

If your plasma cutter torch doesn’t start at high pressure, you’ll observe a sputtering pilot arch. Where a high gas pressure leads to problems, your plasma cutter machine will experience a double arc failure in low gas flow. But you can avoid all flow rate issues with the Florite sensor for the plasma cutting machine. 

The plasma cutting process also requires accurate cut water and pressure flow rate. After setting the amount specified, the sensor can help to monitor the flow rate. If excessive water flow occurs, it can lead to short electrode life and an unstable arch.

 On the other hand, a low flow rate reduces the cooling effect of the nozzle life. But with a Florite sensor, it will be easier to detect any change in the flow rate. Besides, the sensor can send a stop signal to protect your plasma cutter machine when the flow rate goes below or above the required levels.

2. Florite sensors can be programmed

You got the best flow meter for your plasma cutter machine with a Florite sensor. The sensor allows you to carry out programming just at the bottom of the unit operations window. The decimal parameters for measuring unit to port type can be sorted through the command Centre programming function.

Since Florite sensors are computerized or programmed, they will offer you automated and accurate flow measurements. Besides, they give efficient solutions to improved flow rate monitoring, control, and flow rate data management. A Florite sensor may correct any change in a flow meter’s physical dimension due to adjustment in temperatures and fluid being monitored. 

3. Data logging

If you need flow rate data over time, Florite sensors have made everything possible and easy. The device has an in-built internal capacity that saves and stores data locally over time. In the plasma cutting process, you may need flow rate data of gases and water over a given period. The Florite sensor can measure flow rate data, log it and store the information remotely. That way, you can access the data any time you need it.

4. Raw data reading

A flow meter can sense liquid or gas properties while flowing through the pipes. If you’re using a Florite sensor, it can read those signals and interpret them into a readable measurement. It can be the viscosity, pressure, or temperature of the fluid being monitored. You can also use the senor for data logging, sending alarms, remote metering, communication, and even in control functions.


When thinking about flow measurement, think of Florite sensors. You can always rely upon Florite sensors for your plasma cutting machine. If you need quality cuts in the plasma cutting process, make sure you have the proper gas pressure supply. With a suitable flow sensor, you won’t worry about the flow rate. A plasma cutting machine is an expensive tool that needs maximum protection. So, get a Florite sensor that will help monitor flow rate and produce stop signals when the rate of flow goes above or below the required limits. That will help to secure your device from any unforeseen damage.

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