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Focus Areas: How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

How to Auto-Select Focus subject an Image in Photoshop

Hey, I’m Julius Jordon form Fix The Photo. In this Tutorial, we will be talking about a new way of creating a selection Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop. Isn’t that interesting now how does a camera differentiate between the subject and the setting? It blurs out the background right and keeps the subject in focus. Now, what if he tells Photoshop?

Let’s select everything in direction and leave everything within the background or leave everything out of focus. Wouldn’t that make a great selection?

It might or might not, but first up can do that, so let’s get started just like this bird without any further ado.

I have managed to cage myself on the screenshot of Photoshop, and by the way, you can download this image links in the description below. OK

Focus Areas: How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

So as you can see in this image Pixelator, the background is entirely out of focus, and the bird is in a direction, so it might make Photoshop much easier to determine the areas in the guide.

And locations out of focus and which areas to select, so to do it first, make a copy of the background layer. That’s always the first thing to do to be double sure.

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

Now go to select and focus area. There’s a tool for it in Photoshop OK dedicated to now this is going to make some calculation algorithmic.

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

Computational all that math and let’s see what a selection it comes up with now there are a couple of tools it by the time it’s processing the section directly. It has processed the choice. It has done a pretty good job, but it has.

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

Left some places here OK now, but it has made a pretty good selection. If you want to add some areas, there are two tools here plus and minus OK; if you’re going to dig up some places, you would click on the minus tool and deduct some areas different areas that have been selected in this case, not OK.

Now we would like to add some areas to the selection, so these areas to the section let’s add it OK, and by the way, you can do one more thing here you can change the views OK currently it’s on white you can change two on black you can switch to overlay.

You can

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

I was hoping you could change it to on layers against whatever is comfortable for you to figure out the selection, so for me, I think white is good. Then I would select some different Focus areas. Maybe you know what overlays a good way.

Because overlay, you see a little bit of the other room here as you can see that a little bit of the background you can see I don’t know whether you can see it in this screen. But I can see it. So to watch a little bit of it there, you go.

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

So you can select some extra Focus  areas, and it does its calculation now this fixed something different but will take care of it, so here we have to select

Some additional space now one of the most outstanding features of focus area is that it allows you to directly jump to masks chosen to refine the selection even more, which means that Photoshop admits that focus area doesn’t give you a perfect choice.

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But it does give you a good start, OK now? So before we jump into selecting math, I want to take and want you to look at a couple of things. First, there’s a parameter called the in-focus range.

Now you can play with the parameter to see which number works for you the best OK the more the number, the more of a selection there will be, the less of the number, the less of a piece it will be OK, so if I increase it to five there will be more of a choice if I decrease it somewhere like 0.5 there’s no selection with this one OK.

So I think for point something is good there’s also an option called Auto which brings it to the center now there is a couple of advanced option image noise level, which We don’t have to go into.

Let’s close it all right now. What I do personally after this is going to select and mask directly. I click on this, and this takes me straight to set and hide. Now you can change the view to on.

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

White and you can decrease the opacity to see which are Focus the areas not selected.

Or extra set, and then you can choose this quick selection tool and add in Focus their areas simple it’s straightforward herein

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

Choosing mass cricket, you can, let’s add in this area quickly, simply. There’s a little bit of extra preferred. You know how to go about it right, so there you go, and also, one of the most significant features here is refined edge now you’ll see it, you’ll see it OK, you select something extra, alright now once you’re pretty much satisfied with the selection.

Then you can go to this refine edge too, and you can paint over the advantages, which are relatively soft furry and cancer blends.

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

In OK, watch the magic. It does do this. OK, you can increase the opacity. You can paint over this area to see what makes it the selection. It’s pretty good, not bad, and the choice is pretty much fine.

OK, that’s pretty good, and you can take your time to make the perfect collection all right now. Then, once you’re satisfied, you can get the selection the way you want, but before we do that, let’s refine these edges right here, there you go, OK, let’s drag down.

And I would go with a layer mask and then click OK. We have a perfect selection now. We can do anything with it. You can make a solid color adjustment layer may be, and something like maybe green or light green or something like that, something like perhaps this color, and you can make it a children’s book.

OK add a drop shadow maybe to this one. Right-click on it go to blending options, perhaps a little bit a drop shadow. There you go, light to the right because the light is coming from the right crease

Focus Areas : How to Auto-Select Focus Areas an Image in Photoshop

The distance perhaps decreases the opacity there you go. You have beautiful compositing. You can write anything you want, add another text layer, and you can write bird whatever you want, OK so let’s make it a little bigger there you

Go, and you get the idea of what to do. You can make it bold I know that’s not part of this tutorial, but just having fun lurking around regular is good, alright, so that’s how you utilize the focus area to make a selection to start with a piece.

It does give you a good choice, but it does not give you a perfect one, but it’s a good start to use it only for starting a selection now this can apply only and only.

If the background is completely blurred out hope, this video helps you, and if it did, make sure to give us a like and don’t forget to subscribe and not just subscribe.

Click on that OK button so that you don’t miss anything. I’ll see you guys in my next one. Till then, stay tuned and make sure that you keep.

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