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Four Things to Consider When Planting a Garden in Phoenix, AZ

Four Things to Consider When Planting a Garden in Phoenix, AZ

Are you eager to plant a garden in Phoenix, but unsure how to approach it? You’re not the only one.

Between the magnificent scenery and amazing weather, Phoenix has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. The World Population Review said that Arizona has an increased growth rate of 40%. That means a lot of new homeowners and eager gardeners.

Before you dig and plant the first tropical desert cactus, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Luckily, we’ve put together these quick gardening suggestions to help you get started planting a garden. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Types of Plants That Grow in Arizona

Arizona is home to a wide variety of plants. Some common types of plants that grow in Arizona include cacti, yucca, and agave. These plants are well-suited to the state’s hot, dry climate.

Other common Arizona plants include mesquite, oak, and pine. Arizona’s diverse landscape supports a wide range of plant life, from desert plants to mountain plants.

You will also need to be aware of the local wildlife, as birds and other animals can be a problem in gardens in this area. You may need also gardening pest control to make your garden safe from unwanted pests.

2. Climates in Arizona

When deciding to plant a garden in Phoenix, AZ, it is important to consider the climate. Arizona is a desert state, which means it is hot and dry most of the year.

Making a garden is best during the cooler months of the year, from October to April. It is important to choose plants that are native to the desert climate and that can tolerate the heat and lack of water.

3. The Type of Soil

The type of soil you have will dictate how you need to amend your soil and what plants will do best. Sandy soil is the lightest and easiest to work with but doesn’t hold nutrients and moisture well.

Loamy soil is a good middle ground. It’s easy to work with and holds nutrients and moisture well.

Clay soil is the heaviest and most difficult to work with, but it holds nutrients and moisture well. Caliche is a type of limestone that is found in Phoenix, AZ, and can make gardening difficult.

4. Amount of Water That Is Available

Water is one of the most important factors to consider. The amount of water that is available will dictate what type of plants can grow, how often they need to be watered, and how large the garden can be.

Those who live in areas with access to a lot of water will have more options for planting selection and garden size. However, they will also need to be more diligent about watering their plants, as the desert heat can quickly dry out the soil.

Areas with limited water availability will need to be more selective about their plant choices. Plants that are native to the desert or are drought-tolerant are the best options. These plants will need to be watered often.

The Benefits of Planting a Garden in Phoenix

When planting a garden in Phoenix, AZ, four things to consider are the type of plants, the climate, the amount of water, and the type of soil. With the right combination of these four things, any Phoenix gardener can have a successful garden.

Be sure to follow our gardening tips and earn the benefits of gardening!

If you’re ready to get your garden started, then check out our blog post. You won’t regret it!

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