Fresh Kitchen Renovation Concepts 2022

The kitchen is that room in all our houses where we have more memories than most as a kid. We can easily remember doing our homework at the breakfast table as we gossip with our parents about what happened at school. Or that first failed attempt at cooking. It is the room that perfectly reflects the personalities of the members living in the house. 

That is why, while building, we must see what fits us the most, what will make that kitchen more than just a room. But as we live in this competitive world where everything we have must be the envy of people while building or rebuilding our kitchens, we also need to consider the brand new trends going around the market. Concepts that will make our kitchens pop! Here are some of the kitchen renovations in Adelaide that you should take into consideration –

  • Clashing colours – 

Using colours opposite each other in the colour cycle will create a contrast that will give your kitchen a fresh and vibrant look.

  • Sink skirt – 

The old-fashioned sink skirt concept that was once considered frumpy is now back on the list. It provides a soft and homely touch to the kitchen colour scheme.

  • Dark and shiny – 

Dark tones on the wall and matching cabinetry gives a vibe of luxury and combine with wood flooring concepts. It is just the right amount of rustic and inviting that your kitchen needs.

  • Broken plan – 

Following the trend of open plan, a broken plan is a concept where the flow of the spaciousness is broken by the glass or curtained screens, free-standing furniture, or cabinetry, giving the room a feeling of space while providing the look of separation.

  • White kitchens – 

White gives a calming and neat vibe to your kitchen, making it a place where you can relax and revive. It also provides natural sunlight with a chance to play around, making it a room where you never have to switch on lights in the daytime.

  • Mesh cabinetry – 

Burnished wire mesh covers on the cupboard with brass handles give your kitchen a look of sophistication and a new take on the old-school cabinetry.

  • Natural look – 

A natural look, whether on us or in the kitchen, always gives a better and more approachable look. This concept of using raw material rather than overly polished and furnished stuff has escalated during the covid time, providing your kitchen with an authentic aesthetic and is getting its place in the market for its various health benefits.

  • Farmhouse Vibes – 

It gives a renewed form to the old farmhouse kitchen charm, with its open wood shelves and natural accents with pottery and slate floors. It is a perfect kitchen look for a modern kitchen and a charming old touch.

  • The trend of Terrazzo – 

It is a piece of marble set on light-toned polished concrete. It gives just the right pop of colour and personality to your kitchen. Plus, it is far more affordable than most kitchen concepts.

  • Patterned floor – 

Floors with dark and light contrast along with dark cabinets and light ceilings give the right shade of drama while being minimalist.

Final Overview

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