Frosted Window Film Singapore a Great Way to Turn Your Privacy Glass


Privacy protection frosted window film Singapore on your standard windows. Many colors are mentioned in this article. Today you can learn more about the film, its applications, and installation.

With the help of a private film

This is a privacy movie that blocks the vision of people trying to see through your window 24/7. It gives your mirror a beautiful sandblast effect and also blocks your view. The area where the film is used can be placed such as bathrooms, office walls. Front or back door, if clear glass, dressing room or storage area But can be placed anywhere Using this film will make you feel more comfortable. Without anyone looking at your personal information or information.

Create Privacy Without Making the Room Look Boring

People are concerned about blocking natural light when using tint film. This type of private film exposes a high percentage of natural light and hardly affects the brightness of your room.

You Can Get the Frosted Film in 3 Colors

White frost, gray frost, and bronze frost are the colors you will get. Usually, you will see the white matte film because it looks natural. But there is a definite frosted window film Singapore frost that looks like a bathroom window without any color, but it is exactly the same.

Frosted Window Film Singapore

No Glue No Mess

The film is self-adhesive, so no messy glue is needed. Since you don’t have to use glue, you don’t have to worry about it going all over the wall and floor, for example, which makes the job much better.

Frosted film installation

Why buy a new glass when you can get a matte window film? Frosted film is much cheaper and less disruptive to installation. Fits in the built-in glass without removing it from the frame. So the job will be faster and still do it yourself …

Confirm the film itself

This movie is not difficult. But sometimes it can be tricky. If you want to get things going, you can buy the film and try installing it yourself.

Special Benefits of Film

The film reduces ultraviolet (UV) radiation by 99%. This protects your skin from solar-related illness and reduces the fading of your furniture. This allows him to live longer, which means he has a longer life.

Instruction How to apply the tint film

Frosted window films can be used on any surface that is smooth enough and can be used on hard plastic windows and showers. Frosted window film Singapore can be used to ambient windows in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office. Tint films come in a variety of colors, if you don’t like the traditional white or cream colors, you can opt for green, pink, or silver to brighten up your home.

Window Frosting Film

The first thing to put in your icing film is to make sure the surface is not too hot, so the best time to do this during the day is in the morning before there is too much sunlight in it. In the evenings when there is no sun at all Window films are easily damaged by sunlight.

Before starting the process of replacing the matte film on the window, make sure you measure the area to be covered correctly. If you’re looking for window film, buy an extra 15% in case you make a mistake.

It is important that the windows are clean. You can try baby shampoo as it has the perfect alkaline balance to wash away grease. Mix baby shampoo with water and pour it into a spray bottle.

After the window is cleaned, cut the matte film and frosted window film Singapore cut more to make sure you have enough to avoid mistakes.

Remove the backing from the film by pulling it down from the corner. If you find this difficult, you can stick clear tape on the back of the film and pull it out. That will help you peel them easily.

When you are done peeling the movie, prepare it in place. Start with the top and lower it, making sure to squeeze out any air bubbles. Don’t worry too much if you don’t squeeze everything out. You can do this when you paste the movie. Moisturizes the film during use, making it easier to squeeze out air bubbles.

After applying the matte filter film, push the remaining air bubbles out towards the film edges. If they don’t go all the way out, at least make sure you get them as close to the edge as possible. Cut off the excess film and after a week it will completely stick and you will have a refurbished window.

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