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Future of Web Development – 8 Trends to Consider in 2022

As technology advances, so does website development. The way we interact with the internet is always changing, and if you want to stay relevant, you need to consider the advancements web development is making in 2022. There are trends and patterns you need to follow to set yourself apart from the competition and to get more visitors to your site.

1. Machine learning

With machine learning, you can interact with your customers faster and on a deeper level than before. Your website can do all the heavy lifting for you by following the shopping and behavioural trends of each visitor.

This is especially useful for eCommerce websites, as it will be able to recommend similar useful products to the visitor based on things they’ve already looked at. Parts of machine learning can include image recognition and speech recognition, as this can expand its use, predict behaviour better, and make it applicable to a variety of different devices.

2. Computing without servers

To optimize the process even more and make it faster, you can switch to not using servers at all. This kind of website or app would run completely independently, saving you server maintenance costs and making things happen automatically.

Not only does this save you money, but it also makes for a more reliable service for the customer. An added benefit is that you can add new features as you go along and make your app even more interesting and interactive. Follow the way your users interact with your app and you’ll have no issues adding new things that will keep new users coming.

3. Progressive web apps

Loading quickly is nothing new, but progressive web apps take this to the next level. When you open the given URL, everything happens instantly. This isn’t a new concept, but it’s definitely gaining traction as people interact with it more and more.

You can put your own creative spin on the matter and make your website as progressive as you want. The end goal is the same, and that’s that the service will be available whether the person is working offline or online. This is all possible thanks to advanced coding.

4. Virtual reality

Another part of technological advancement is VR. This is the future we’re going to live in, so it’s best to optimize your website for it now. The gaming industry is already deep in virtual reality and there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be next.

Soon enough, people will be able to virtually interact with websites and get to know your business in a more personal sense. Get on this train now and your website can be the pioneer in your industry. Research VR and get ahead of the competition before they even know what hit them.

5. AI chatbots

Customer service should always be a part of a good website. It allows people to get answers to their questions quickly and pushes them towards putting their money towards your business. However, it’s impossible to answer questions instantly regardless of how many customer services representatives you have.

That’s why AI chatbots are so useful. You can program them to answer the most frequent questions on your website and have them respond immediately to the customer. If you want to boost engagement or show off your company’s personality, don’t be afraid of making the chatbot a little quirky. As it is AI, it’s likely to learn customer behaviour and give them quality answers without human input.

6. Voice search

With the advancement of technology and more gadgets entering people’s homes, it’s no longer enough to develop a website with only typing in mind. Every good developer is familiar with the importance of keywords and keywords phrases, as these are the things that help their sites rank higher among the people who could actually use their services.

Gadgets like Google Home and Alexa are definitely changing the game, though. Your website needs to include voice search optimization now, as well, as people tend to just ask their devices for things instead of typing them in themselves.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to make your website available and recognizable for voice search. The gadgets need to be able to find it and show the users your company, not your competitors’.

7. Website design

Web design is an essential part of web development. It’s the number one way your audience interacts with your website so you have to make sure everything is up to today’s standards and following the right trends.

Though it might be important, it’s not always easy to update or build a completely new comprehensive website that meets all the needs your audience has. A lot of businesses all over the world choose to hire someone to do it for them for this exact reason. For instance, an SEO Sydney agency can help you get the website of your dreams without demanding anything but fair compensation in return.

Experts with a lot of experience are already on top of today’s trends, which is why it’s no wonder so many businesses choose their services. They know how to make your website load in less than a second and how to make navigation simple while still giving the visitor all the right information.

As far as modern web design is concerned, some trends regarding UX also include larger typography, CSS container queries, and movement-based interfaces. If your web design is interactive, you’ll have an even higher chance of attracting more visitors, having them stay longer on your site, and turning them into paying customers. 

8. Mobile websites

Web developers won’t get far today if they don’t take mobile phones into account. While websites used to be designed and developed with just the computer screen in mind, today that simply won’t cut it. People don’t interact with the internet solely through their computers anymore.

More searches are conducted with mobile phones, meaning that every good website will have to be optimized to support mobile phones. How web developers do this is by designing a separate website with the mobile phone in mind then just indexing it as part of the original website.

In 2022, this is already well-known. The trend goes further by putting mobile indexing ahead on the priority list. This is because every year sees an uptake of searches done via mobile phones. Even Google is putting more emphasis on phones today, so that means you have to as well if you want to rank high.

This is a very smart investment for a new business or a business that hasn’t updated its website in a while. Focusing on the most important and beneficial thing is always the best idea, especially if you have a limited budget for improvement.


As you can see, there are a lot of new web development trends popular this year. 2022 promises to be a great year for your website if you follow them and put your own creative spin on them. To get on top of the competition, you always have to be one step ahead and optimize your website to the best of your abilities. Your customers will definitely notice the change and reward your efforts with more business – and that is always a good thing. You have to admit that.

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