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A Wordfeud Woorden is a word generator that makes a number of advice for words based on the letters on the game board and the board. Reason to use a Wordfeud Woorden are often curiosity about the words to be made. Placing difficult words can also persuade someone to use a Wordfeud Woorden.

Wordfeud still popular in 2022

Wordfeud, the word game that dare friends and family to place the most difficult words on the game board. Since 2011, Wordfeud has been incredibly popular among the Dutch. For example, developer Hakon Bertheussen says that about half of all Wordfeud Woorden players ( 7 letter word ) start in the Netherlands.

Recent figures indicate that in the Netherlands there are still 1.5 million people thinking about laying difficult words. These are people who open the game at least once a month. A large part of these, about 1.2 million, still start a new word game every week. Every day there are about 800,000 people who make words for Wordfeud

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Words with a Q


Although the word ‘Qat’ remains the most rarely used Wordfeud word with a Q, new words have been added to the Wordfeud word list. View here an overview of all Words with a Q .

View words with Q

View words with Y

Wordfeud | How do you turn letters into Wordfeud words?

How to use the Wordfeud Woorden

Put your letters in our Wordfeud Woorden and press Check! The Word Generator turns them into words and displays them with score!

Wordfeud Dictionary

The dictionary on WordFeud words( has been expanded again. More than 7500 new WordFeud words have been added, of which 28 words with a Q.

3 Letter words

Everyone knows that you can somewhere get more points with short Wordfeud words than with long words. In answer to many requests, we have explore our Wordfeud glossary and added all 3 Acronyms . Press the blue letters to view all three letter words of that letter. Just vist

7 indispensable words for a Wordfeud player

The holiday is over and it seems that the sun will also show itself less often. To prepare you for the long dark days to come, Wordfeud has listed 7 indispensable Wordfeud words, so that you can look forward to a good game of Wordfeud. We chose short Wordfeud words because they score easily.

Words with a Y

yen . The Wordfeud word ‘Yen’ (Japanese currency) is a perfect word to put down on a DL or TL value. The letter Y is worth no less than eight points and on a TL that is 24 points. Easily deposited and quickly earned!
hyena . Not a word you immediately thought of with the letter y. Yet this is one of the easiest words with a Y and good for no less than fifteen points.

How does Wordfeud Woorden work

Sometimes you need more options to find Wordfeud words. For example, if you want to use a specific spot on the board, or dock to a word. There are a number of options that can help you with this. For example, you can indicate whether a word or letter should appear in it. Whether words should start or end with a letter. You can even determine the positions of letters.

To start, enter the letters you got in Wordfeud . Blank letters are entered with an asterisk . You can also use space or question mark , you will see an asterisk.

Also view the extensive explanation with examples .

Specify a word or letter

If you want to find Wordfeud words that have a certain letter, indicate this at Contains word or letter . Only words that are related to your letters and contain the indicated letter are now shown. You can also enter a word here, if you want to connect to a word.

Words that contain multiple letters

You can indicate multiple letters for a specific word search. If you fill in letters together, they must also appear in the words that way. For example, if you enter YO, you get words like YOga and raYOn. The letters YO occur immediately after each other, but it does not matter where they are in a word. If you are looking for words with both the letters Y and O, put a dash between them: YO. You now get words like nYlOn and bOYcot. The order of entry does not matter, as long as the words found have a Y and O.

You may use multiple dashes for even more specific searches. For example, the entry E-BOS-R gives tovERBOS and bERkenBOS.

Welcome to the Wordfeud word generator is a popular word generator where you can find all words of the game Wordfeud in a quick and easy way.

Help instructions:

  • Enter the letters for which you want suggestions in the search field.
  • Enter a connection letter, if necessary, and make a selection.
  • If you have a blank letter, fill in a ? in. (maximum 2)

What we do

Are you looking for something with language?

• Do you need a word list for an app ?

• You play a language game and want to know why a word is not allowed, or why?

We deliver

We make word lists . Not only Dutch, but we work on all the written languages ​​of the world.

Moreover, we offer the enthusiastic players of language games an explanation of the words of Wordfeud .


Why TaalTik?

• TaalTik is a service that has been around for many years.

• The word lists have been collected by ourselves from many sources.


• We can also make the word lists suitable for your purpose.


• Do you have a question? Then just contact us. Questions are free .


Latest news

 The new operator of the service is known.

The planning is that as of July the word lists and support will be provided by the Keesing Media Group , known for its puzzle books. Work is already underway on the transfer of data, software, knowledge and experience.

A new year, new developments

During 2021, TaalTik will transfer knowledge and data collections to a party that will provide continuity of service. Preliminary discussions have started on this.


Are you an avid scrabbler, but can’t seem to figure it out? Don’t want to start all over with Scrabble because you can’t come up with a word once? Are you therefore looking for a smart word? Then you’ve come to the right place at! With our word generator you can search for words of your choice. In the search engine you indicate which letters you have, what the start or end position is and how many letters you have to put in. Our generator will then help you find words that yield a lot of points!

Our word generator is suitable for various word games, such as Scrabble and Wordfeud. Scrabble has been a hit among families worldwide for decades. Since 2011, there is also an online edition of Scrabble: Wordfeud. With this you really play your game of Scrabble anywhere you want. The rules of the game differ slightly, but are broadly the same. By placing long words with difficult letters, you score a lot of points. And not only that: by placing the words on the correct squares and using your opponent’s words, you can multiply the number of points you get. Scrabble and Wordfeud are therefore word games that not only require a large vocabulary, but also require strategic play. And that’s why it’s so much fun for everyone to play – even with the help of a word generator!

How does our woorden dictionary work?

It’s very simple, fill in the letters you want suggestions for and we’ll show you the words you can make. If you have a blank letter, fill in a ? in.

Its also avaliable at here


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