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Get an amazing experience of VIP Desert Safari & Attractions of UAE

VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

Get an amazing experience of VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

One of the most happening destinations in the globe in Dubai, which is the most visited city by visitors from across the globe. There are many tourist attractions present in Dubai such as VIP desert safari Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Rings of Gold, Dubai Marina, Dubai Water Park and Dubai Festival City.

VIP desert safari Dubai

However, during your luxury desert safari in Dubai, you will have a wonderful opportunity to indulge yourself in some incredible activities to make your desert safari an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy participating in adventurous activities such as climbing, trekking, riding on a camel, trekking, golfing, swimming, beach activities, cycling, horseback riding, fishing and surfing.

During your VIP desert safari Dubai, you will be able to explore spectacular desert landscapes, which will give you an exciting thrill and adventure. The cavalcade takes you to the camel farm where a number of camels are brought for the guests to cruise on. The guests get a wonderful opportunity to click some pictures with the beautiful camels in their native surroundings.

The exotic destinations and the magnificent sand dunes, which stretch for miles, provide you with an opportunity to enjoy an ultimate safari experience in the Middle East. You will be able to see the different animal species, the wild animals, birds and reptile species in their natural habitat.

Other Attractions

Your VIP desert safari in Dubai includes a trip to the Al Hajar Mountains. Here you will enjoy a challenging and thrilling camel ride. The adventurous route of Al Hajar Mountains leads you to the site of prominent ancient Arab monuments and temples, magnificent forts and palace. This is a wonderful place, which is steeped in culture and royal grandeur.

Another attraction on your VIP desert safari in Dubai. Here you can buy jewellery and exquisite handbags from some of the world’s most well-known designers. This market is also home to a number of workshops, jewellery stores and gold refineries.

The Sharjah Gold Market is one of the largest trading centres in the UAE. Its popularity is attributed to its unmatched quality of gold and gemstone products.

A few hours drive from Dubai, on your way to the UAE, you will pass through Satwa, another small desert town that offers desert safaris. This desert town is famous for its hot desert and sits beside the Arabian Desert.

A number of tourists from all over the globe visit Satwa to take part in a desert safari. During your stay in this desert town, there are a number of attractions for you to explore. Among them include the Wadi Rum waterfalls, Al Hajar Mountains, the Wadi Al Hajar National Park, and Al Hajar Dam.

On your Dubai tour, you will pass through Sharjah where you can visit numerous attractions, including the Sharjah Gold Market and the World Trade Center. From here, you can visit several other tourist hotspots in the area. In Sharjah, you can visit the Al Hajar Mountains which are considered to be the highest mountain range in all of the UAE.

The Sharjah Gold Market offers an array of shops where you can purchase all kinds of jewellery, spices, foods, gifts, and souvenirs. There are also a number of hotels in Sharjah that offer a variety of facilities such as swimming pools and restaurants.

At the halfway point of your desert safari in Dubai, you will come across the Sharjah Museum. This museum is home to some of the rarest and exquisite artworks from around the world. Other attractions near Sharjah include the Al Hajar Mountains, the Satwa Gold Market, and the World Trade Center. If you have never visited the Sharjah Museum before, you should do so because it is a must-see spot. Besides, you will not regret your decision to go on a desert safari in Dubai once you see all the incredible things you can find here.

You can book your desert safari in Dubai online. Dubai tourism packages include all of the amenities that you will need on your desert safari in Dubai. All you have to do is choose from among the many Dubai safari packages that are offered online. With the right package, you will have everything you need to enjoy a fun, exciting desert safari in Dubai. It’s time to start planning your Dubai vacation and take part in one of the world’s best adventures!

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