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Give life to your unproductive business by launching the fantasy sports application

Hey there! I hope you are running a successful business. If not, then this blog is for you where you will get the inference on one of the most successful businesses. You might have come across fantasy sports games. The fantasy sports apps are reporting to be one of the trending apps in entertainment-based apps in the Play Store. But why is the app so trending? The grounds of the app’s popularity are with the number of sports and real-times features it provides. 

With this briefing on fantasy sports applications, we shall see the benefits it can unfold to your business.

How can fantasy sports app development gather benefits for your business?

Starting, not exaggerating, but online sports apps tend to reach users within a short time. The primary reason for the quick reach is that online games are preferred by all age groups irrespective of the game type. And not to leave the influence of smartphones. Back to square one. If you launch a fantasy sports app, you will gain a colossal user base that will directly reflect the popularity of your business.

The typical reason for the massive popularity of the fantasy games other than multiple sports it offers, the app lists different gaming formats. Let us explore the numerous gaming formats, the app entitles.

Daily fantasy format- In the daily format, users can participate in daily leagues or contests by creating any number of teams.

Draft format- Users can select players for their team by bidding in auctions. Users can place bids for players based on their previous performances.

Prediction format- Users can predict the outcome of the game or players. Users can earn points if their prediction matches the result of the game.

Hub format- The hub format indexes all the above-said gaming formats right from draft format to prediction format.

Exclusive feature-set of the fantasy sports application:

The user app

User registration- Users need to register with your app by providing their details like user name, email ID, and contact number. Once users complete the registration, they can access the app with the username and password.

Search field- Users can search for the tournaments or contests by inputting the name of a specific tournament in the search field. The app also lists trending, or most played tournaments on the app.

Entry fees- The entry fees account for one of the significant parts of the total revenue of the app. Users have to pay entry fees for participating in tournaments. The entry fees will vary from one tournament to another, and the admin will fix the entry fees.

Custom-create tournaments- Besides the existing set of tournaments, users can also create their tournaments and pull in players to it.

Create matches- Once users create tournaments or join tournaments, they can create matches. Users are allowed to create multiple matches for the best user experience.

Player preference- Users can make their gaming experience more enjoyable by selecting their favorite players. Users can choose players concerning their previous performances.

Track previous tournaments- Users can have reference to the previously played tournaments including the name of players participated, scores, match result and amount earned.

Referral bonus- Users can wish to publicize the app to their friends or family members who are non-users by sending the app’s invite link. If those non-users accept the invite link and join in, the referred user will receive bonus points.

To manage the overall functionality, the app has a dedicated admin panel. From this panel, the admin will audit the app’s functioning.

Features settled in the admin panel.

Admin dashboard- Initially, the admin will have to complete the registration process. After doing so, the admin can access the dashboard. The dashboard is a centralized hub, where the admin will manage every activity of the app.

User account management- The admin will scan the details provided by users and verify them. The admin can even restrain users from accessing the app in case their profile seems to be fraudulent.

Contest management- As the app lists a gamut of contests, the admin has the right to modify every contest.

League management- The admin can have an eye on the number of leagues played by users, most-played ones, etc., and give a better user experience.

Reward points management- As seen before, users are entitled to get reward points if they invite new users to the app. The admin is the ultimate authority in providing reward points to users.

Finance management- The finance management section is crucial for every business. The admin can know how much revenue the app has drawn from various revenue sources like entry fees, ads, etc.,

Customer relationship management (CRM)- As no business can be successful without an exemplary customer support system. 

Additional features that will intensify the user experience

Live scores- Displaying live scores will strengthen the user experience as users will have a sense of enthusiasm when they get to know the live scores.

Leaderboards- Recognition is the best award one can receive. Display the names of players who outperform the matches in the leaderboards.

Push notifications- It is of high importance to keep users updated about the happenings of the app. You can send the details of upcoming games or tournaments via push notifications.

Analytics- The in-built analytics helps you to scale the performance of the app by knowing what users focus on, inside the app. For example, you can know the most played or preferred tournaments of users and recommend similar tournaments to those users.

How can you make money from the app?- the revenue streams best explained.

You can make money from the entry fees that users will pay for joining a match. One way of multiplying revenue from entry fees is to organize multiple tournaments frequently, inform users via push notifications, and inspire them to join the tournaments.

Advertisements can bring in more revenue as every business seeks promotion by displaying ads.

That’s a wrap

By this time, you would have speculated the reason for the success of fantasy sports apps. Yes, the better features you offer, the better will be the benefits that you can carry for the future.


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