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Go Beyond Swimming: 8 Great Ways to Exercise in the Pool

Do you despise going to the gym or doing traditional cardio activities such as running? If so, then getting in the pool for your workout may be the perfect solution for you.

However, you do not have to just swim lap after lap in order to burn calories and tone your muscles while you are in the water. In fact, there are many exercises to do in the pool if you get creative.

Here is a guide to some of the best water workouts so you can exercise in the pool.

1. Diving

Diving is a great way to tone all of your muscles when you get into the pool. Specifically, it works out more of your upper body muscles as you have to push your arms forward to do a traditional dive.

If you are an advanced diver or you want to learn more dives, different diving postures can improve your flexibility and strength. For instance, a tuck dive will give your core muscles a great workout.

For those who enjoy diving, competition is a route that can give you consistent workouts. If you have a knack for diving, see if you can take it a step further and join a diving team.

2. Water Aerobics

If you want a guided instruction exercise class, water aerobics may be the perfect option for you. Water aerobics is a full-body workout that is also low impact. It is great for people with knee and ankle joints that cannot withstand a lot of pressure.

Many pools and gyms have water aerobics classes based on age, mobility, and experience level. For instance, if you are a senior citizen, you will likely be able to attend a seniors-only water aerobics class. The instructor will be mindful of limited mobility or slowness that occurs when participants are older.

3. Using Weights in the Pool

You can bring almost any pool exercise to the next level by adding weights. The weights will help you to develop muscle mass and tone your body even more, giving you added benefits to your workout.

Before you use weights in the pool, make sure that you are a strong swimmer and you know how to use them. This way, you can avoid serious injury and focus on getting some good exercise in with your weight set, in a unique way.

4. Water Walking

If you want to do a low-impact exercise in the pool without pushing yourself too much, you should try water walking. This is exactly what it sounds like, which is walking across the pool in the water.

When you walk in the water, you can adjust the muscles you exercise based on the water level. For instance, if you want to strengthen your calves and ankles, try walking in the shallow zone where you have to push more with those muscles.

For a more full-body workout, you can go to a deeper part of the pool. Sometimes it is easier to hold onto the side of the pool so you have more traction.

5. Water Sprinting

Want to take your water walking to the next level? Water spring or jogging is a wonderful way to step up your game in the pool and get a muscle and cardio workout in all at once.

With water sprinting, you can either go all the way under the water or have your head or body out of the water. If you do it under the water, you can have the opportunity to work on your lung capacity. You will have to hold your breath while you sprint.

6. Aqua Biking

If you have ever taken a spin class, you know that biking is one of the best cardio exercises out there. It burns a lot of calories and provides you with a full-body workout that is hard to replicate.

One of the most recent innovations for exercises to do in the pool is the aqua bike. This is the art of spinning underwater on a stationary bike.

Since water is so much denser than air, you will have much more resistance with a water bike. Check out your gym or recreation center to see if they have aqua bikes. If not, you can buy one from sites like for use in your own home swimming pool.

7. Pool Games

When you bring your friends and family to the pool with you, you can still get your workout in. Rather than just lounging on floats or sitting in the hot tub, try playing some fun pool games.

You can race each other, play mermaids, or engage in a classic such as Marco-Polo. Keep moving and take breaks to have some healthy snacks in between.

Add even more to the fun by bringing in toys such as pool noodles and paddleboards. These will provide you with a great workout as well.

8. Use a Ball

If you want to add more resistance to the best exercises to do in the pool, you cannot go wrong with a ball. Pushing down on a ball creates another level of resistance that will strengthen and tone your muscles.

One of the easiest exercises you can do with a ball is rolling like an otter. Twist your body to get onto your back while holding the ball to your stomach and chest. Doing this repeatedly can give you a great core workout without all of the fancy equipment.

Get the Best Exercise in the Pool

If you do not like swimming, you should not have to worry about getting exercise in the pool. With these and many other fun exercises to do in the pool, you can get in your workout without having to swim boring laps next time.

Would you like to learn more about how you can keep your body healthy and fit? Check out our site for more fitness tips and tricks so you feel and look your best.

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