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Go-to Questions To Ask Your Service Provider For A Neat Freak Cleaning

A clean house is something that every homeowner wants. Unsurprisingly, a lot of homeowners invest a considerable amount of money in cleaning services. Often as it happens, even after making substantial investments, you do not get the quality of cleaning you had wanted or expected. This is when you may need to change how you hire a cleaning service provider for home cleaning. 

In recent times, a trending cleaning package in the residential cleaning services industry is something known as “neat freak cleaning.” Many companies are offering this cleaning package and what it includes is basically what its name implies, freaking neat cleaning. And, when you hear that, you know what to expect. 

Hiring The Right Firm For Home Cleaning Services 


While neat freak cleaning can definitely be the best cleaning service package for your home, hiring the right cleaning service provider for the job is essential. Otherwise, no matter how much you pay or how high your expectations are, or even whatever the company promises you, you would not get the desired results. 

That being said, there are some crucial things to remember when hiring a cleaning service provider. All of it can be figured out if you ask the right questions to the representatives of the cleaning company. 

Questions to Ask When Hiring A Firm For The “Neat Freak” Package of Home Cleaning

The “neat freak” cleaning package offers intensive cleaning to your house. You need a reliable service provider to make the most of this package. That being said, here are the questions you need to ask your service provider about this specialized home cleaning package. 

How long have you been working in the industry? 


The experience of the cleaning company can be a telling factor about the kind and quality of services they offer. Although newly formed companies may also offer excellent services but a firm with at least a few years of experience is preferable. 

What does your “neat freak cleaning” package include? 


While a lot of companies may offer this cleaning package, the ideal package would include the following: 

  • Deep cleaning of floors, grouts, tiles, and baseboards.
  • Complete and neat dusting of all light fixtures, vents, blinds, and ceiling fans.
  • Thorough scrubbing of all shower tiles and grouts.
  • Vacuum cleaning of all furniture, and upholstery including under cushions.
  • Changing of bed sheets in each room of the house and the preparation of beds.
  • Add-on services and luxury like exclusive aromatherapy-infused, chilled hand towels. 

Are you licensed, certified, and insured?


The answers to all three of them should be a “Yes,” without any exceptions. 

Are your employees pre-screened? 


Always choose a company that can show that they perform comprehensive background tests before hiring their employees.

Can you offer a checklist of what you will provide and a quote? 


Any reputed company will offer you a list of services they will provide in the package, along with a quote for your property type and requirements.

Wrapping up

With those answers in hand, you can definitely choose the best cleaning service provider to offer your property a neat freak cleaning service.

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