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Gold Bangles and Earrings: We’ve got you covered!

Look no farther than Vaibhav Jewellers if you’re searching for stunning gold bangle designs. We have a plethora of choices.

Today we are highlighting our antique range of gold bangles:

  • Vaibhav Jewellers’ Antique Floral Gold Bangle (125VG586) is a perfect example of stunning antique gold bangle designs. Created for women who desire to project an air of sophistication, this ornament features an intricate floral pattern. The gold bangle’s antique element is meticulously constructed. Despite its simplicity, it has a refined look.

  • Antique Arangetram Gold Bangle (125VG554) has a lovely touch and a never-ending antique golden appeal. Make a statement with this old-fashioned wrist decoration with symmetrical dancers and floral patterns. When you wear this gold ornament, you’ll feel like royalty. Exceptional craftsmanship and materials go into making this a standout accessory. Make a statement wherever you go in it.

  • All around the Holy Deity Gold Bangle are small patterns of Goddess Lakshmi. Because it is more elaborate and hefty, the bangle has a screw to keep it in place. The ornament is adorned with a stunning array of gold and gemstones. If you’re looking for an unusual way to draw attention to your outfit, an exquisite gold beaded outlining is the way to go. Wear these bangles with sarees and other traditional attire for a classy look.

  • Nagas are a long-forgotten tradition that celebrates the workmanship of temples. Bangles like 22Kt Deep Nagash Antique Gold (125VG944) are meant to be a significant part of your wedding day and the rest of your life. The gold Kada is adorned with beautiful peacock motifs around the body and centre. It has a rustic style adorned with pink-red stones that stands out on the wrist. Captivating simplicity and brilliance make this piece a perfect match for various outfits.

Even though our antique gold bangles will never go out of style, we also offer plenty of fashionable and faddish pieces that will be in fashion for just a brief period. Our diverse selection of gold bangle designs will entice gold bangle fans of all ages. Make your choice from the various stylish ones that we have to offer. Opt for a more striking pattern for a special occasion that requires a statement of your individuality.

Consider gold bangle designs in a variety of pricing ranges. Our prices are so low that you can get whatever you want, even if you have a budget. Customers worldwide can view our original works and prices in Indian Rupees and US Dollars, no matter where they are.

Wear gold earrings to match your bangles if you want to go the additional mile in the fashion stakes. Our designs are very well regarded in this area. What is the first thing you think of when you see an earring? Is it something jazzy and oversized or something romantic, feminine, and understated? How would you describe your own style? Our artisans aim to cover all of you.

As a pro player in the industry, we recognise that women nowadays seek practicality and hassle-free solutions; they strive for distinctive basic designs that are one-of-a-kind and unique. Even though Vaibhav Jewellers is known for creating heirloom worthy antique patterns, our contemporary take on gold earring designs for daily use is equally beguiling. Despite being lightweight, they exude an air of luxury. These earrings are adaptable, fashionable, and a popular option to their rivals on the market today. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for studs or hoops, Huggies or jhumkas or Chandbalis. Either gold earring designs for daily use or a statement piece, we make sure you leave no stone unturned in your style game.

Cast a golden spell wherever you go by wearing a beautiful gold ornament by Vaibhav Jewellers. All of the most significant aspects of both old and new are brought together in each piece of jewellery so that you may flaunt the best of both worlds.

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