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Great Curtain Ideas That Make Your Home Look Stylish

Every home requires a perfect complement!

When it comes to building your dream house, there are various factors to consider. Everything from the wall colors to the decorations, lighting, day curtain, and entire aesthetics will reflect your personality.

Choosing the proper curtain designs for your home windows not only beautifies your windows but also gives adequate privacy. Furthermore, curtains can provide any house window or door with simplicity, charm, or attractiveness, depending on what it lacks.

From sheer materials to simple designs, colors, opaque covering, and more, the options for curtains are unlimited. But what comes most daunting is choosing the right one that can complement your overall home aesthetics.

So, here are some simple advice and curtain ideas to help you choose the right curtains for your home and give it a fresh look.

Table of Contents

Amazing Curtain Ideas to Make Your Home Space Look Stylish

  • Roman Blinds for Simplicity
  • Get a Clean Curtain Look Using Pelmet
  • Choose Sheer Curtains for Smoother Look
  • Multiple Curtains for Living Room
  • Texture Home Walls With Curtains
  • Use Extra Long Curtains
  • Implement Curtains in Accordance to Living Room’s Color Scheme
  • Mix In the Curtains With Home’s Color Scheme
  • Choose the Right Curtains for Maximum Lighting and Breeze
  • Matching Prints and Patterns for Achieving Best Curtain Styling
  • Create a Bay Window Look

Wrapping Up

Amazing Curtain Ideas to Make Your Home Space Look Stylish

Roman Blinds for Simplicity

These days, roman blinds are preferred as the best curtain alternatives. The main reason behind this is the houses or workplaces these days have slanted windows with no room for coiling the curtains to the windowpane.

Roman blinds can help you achieve a more simplified home look and work well in tiny living spaces. Especially if you want to get as much natural light as possible but don’t require a lot of clutter or a heavily furnished area.

Get a Clean Curtain Look Using Pelmet

A pelmet is a simple but attractive board that you can place to hide your curtain fixings or rods above the window. You might be thinking about how this could help you beautify the space?

Using a pelmet does not rule out the possibility of achieving a modern curtain look. Pelmets can be styled and designed in any shape you want with fewer trims while retaining modernity. It also helps in the addition of design and contrast to the curtain colors you have installed on your home windows. You can also use the signature fabric to add color and texture to the living room while balancing it with other living room décor or accessories.

Choose Sheer Curtains for Smoother Look

Windows with modest openings and ample natural light are crucial for tiny rooms or apartments. As a result, a lighter, more minimalist, and softer aesthetic will work best.

Sheer curtains are the greatest option because they won’t overwhelm the space and will create a bright and airy room while providing enough privacy in the daytime. It also features the space furnished around it, providing warmth at night and spreading daylight. Furthermore, placing drapes tall with the room height makes it appear more spacious and taller.

Multiple Curtains for Living Room

Layering the window curtains is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Roman blinds are fantastic for bringing privacy to a place in the evenings, especially when combined with full-length drapes on either side of the window panes.

You might be wondering why double up the window panes with the drapes?

This will help to give the area more depth and create a more inviting and appealing impression.

Texture Home Walls With Curtains

The use of elegant satin curtains can be motivational in a variety of ways. To begin with, by hanging these drapes in front of walls rather than on window panes, it can give the space a permanent texture. Using goblet pleat drapes also provides styling that we often ignore or don’t think of as a style.

Do you know how to make goblet pleats?

The fabric is coiled and folded to leave an opening at the top in this detailed heading design. Interlining is also required to keep these pleats looking appropriately rounded.

Finally, behind the satin fabric curtains, you can swing a drawing.

Use Extra Long Curtains

Are you a fan of tie-back patterns?


You can go extra lengthy with the drape length if you want to add extra drama to the area while maintaining the volume of the look. It’s a good idea to use the cloth that bunches up all the way down the bottom.

It may appear difficult to get this style, but when the fabric is bunched up properly, the result is stunning.

Implement Curtains in Accordance to Living Room’s Color Scheme

This decoration idea incorporates stunning curtains in bright colors, infusing the living area with energetic vibes. Also included in this concept is the creation of a color palette for the entire room, not just the curtains.

Although it lacks the drama of the lengthy curtains, it still works beautifully and gently.

Mix In the Curtains With Home’s Color Scheme

Curtains, as we all know, complete the overall look of a room. And blending in the wall colors and room decorations is the greatest approach to complement the curtains.

To obtain a more seamless and inviting impression, use a fabric that matches the home color scheme.

For example, purchasing the drapes a few shades richer than the wall colors would create a layered impression.

Choose the Right Curtains for Maximum Lighting and Breeze

Apart from color and fabric, selecting the proper drape patterns is crucial. You can manage the amount of natural light that enters your home this way. Want to use the velvet curtains just to achieve a darkening effect in the room or limiting the lighting amount, the curtain designs are the key to it.

The combination of two curtain patterns, for example, allows for lighting control. You can completely darken the lights while keeping the space well-lit during the hot summer days.

Matching Prints and Patterns for Achieving Best Curtain Styling

Many people enjoy pairing prints on their clothes, and if you are one of them, you can use the same technique to decorate your home. Pairing prints will create a variety of textures and colors in your home or living space, as well as a unique look.

While it may appear that blending prints is difficult, this is not always the case. You can match your bed sheet design to the curtain style. Alternatively, in addition to the prints, the tone or hue of both can be matched for a subtle effect.

Create a Bay Window Look

Such a curtain pole stretches and fits neatly over the bay window’s corners.

Instead of having only a single curtain pair that can be pulled across the entire rod, such a window style has three sets of drapes, enabling each pair to mount each window pane.

Wrapping Up

Stay away from tassels, frills, and fancy looks; instead, keep it simple and elegant. Sometimes we want versatility, and in that case, the dark shade beneath linen drapes is the way to go. You can match the informal look and simplicity of the linen cloth to a large extent in this manner. Overall, no showy or hefty rings will work best, and the usage of rods can be perfect to achieve a stylish home.

You may also go to a curtains shop in Singapore where professionals can help you choose the right drapes for your home and achieve a trendy design.

Hope these curtain ideas help you get beautifully styled homes. Thanks for Reading!!

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