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Great Shift in Advertising In the Perspective of Social Media

Consumer behavior is changing and so do the advertising strategies and techniques. In the past, the marketing was very easy. It was used to target the general audience, not just a specific target audience. Most advertising and marketing were done on printed media. Then the television came and the focus of marketing shifted towards Television Advertising, which is still in use. 

But now everything has changed. The advertising we see nowadays on various social media platforms is very different from conventional media like radio, magazines, television, etc.

The Impact of Social Media

The impact of social media on consumer buying behavior is so huge that most customers buy whether it is a product or service instantly after the ad appears in front of them. Mass marketing is now shifted towards mass personalization by creating personalized content and messages to target specific audiences. Most marketers and advertisers need to realize that technology has not just changed consumer behavior but also the basic shift in how to gain and utilize the control to influence the action.

Without a doubt, social media has strong effectiveness as a marketing or advertising tool. More consumers are on social media platforms now more than ever. Businesses are taking the benefit of the current latest mobility through serving the consumers with new, easier approaches of purchasing products and services and also to interact. 

The interaction also comes through influencers, who are creating the buzz around the internet. People follow celebrities, public personalities, and many famous individuals, they can easily influence their followers to purchase those products they promote.

This current marketing shift occurs due to some essential factors to influence consumer behavior easily. Some of them we discussed below

Build Product Awareness

Awareness of the product is the major aspect of advertising. Whenever there is a new product launching or spread of misinformation by the competitors you need to make an effective strategy to inform your consumers whether it is about a new product or about spreading misinformation. But also you need to understand that where your customers are and what platforms they use the most, and according to that you can make an effective decision. You can get an advice from the creative agency Dubai called Mystic advertising.

Before social media, marketers, and advertisers pay hefty amounts to promote their products and services in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Every time a business with the help of a social media advertising agency launches new products or adds value or makes social campaigns each time they have to pay the price. 

But Social media makes it so cost-efficient that brands are now promoting themselves easily without paying extra money. New ventures who have limited budgets also create awareness of their products and services through social media platforms, by targeting specific audiences, the customers they want to target.

Also it becomes easier for companies to target the audience which you want to target through social media, and consumers are utilizing their time more on these platforms rather than any other. That is why it is easier to create awareness for the brands on social media instead of any other advertising medium. 

Discount and Deal Offers on Social Media

Everyone wants the quality products at lesser prices or discounted prices, before the digital trends began there were pamphlets on which the discounted offers were mentioned of a brand or it was informed on television, radio, etc. But after the adoption of digital media things for informing about discount offers on every product or just on a single category has become a lot simpler. 

Social media makes it simpler for the customers to know about the discounted and deal offers which their brands are offering through social media. Before the uprising of society, many marketing agencies had to print brochures for the promotion and offers, but that also for the limited geographical locations. 

In the age of globalization, social media not just helps in promoting the discounted offer or deal offers to the customers in the specific region but also globally, so that anyone can avail an offer. For instance, many branded stores which are not in your region offer discounts and deals on Black Friday every year, but you can also buy them at a discounted price through online social media platforms.

Higher Force of Purchasing Decisions

The persuasion level of purchasing within social media is higher than other advertising platforms because it creates the sense of attractiveness and engagement. You get reviews of the products and services by others or you can post a review about them, so that others can get awareness about the quality, and services they offer. Social media advertising influences in a way that no other can. 

Social networks of people, friends, family, and relatives highly influence customers to purchase the products and services which they recommend. Likewise, social media greatly influences the purchasing decision of the customers. Interaction, such as likes, shares, and comments do influence customers to buy specific products. 

The reviews which people are providing suggest the credibility of a brand. The power of social media cannot be ignored when it has become an essential part of sellers and buyers. To gain customer trust over your brand through social media, you have to upload content constantly. Upload testimonials of your happy customers, and so on.

Due to this there are greater purchasing decisions being made after watching a post or an ad on social media platforms.

Everyone has Opinions

Well, opinion does matter in the minds of consumers when they are going to purchase anything. It is very engaging that you get some opinions about products or services; whether it is positive or negative, but the opinions will influence your purchase decisions. On social media people are heavily depends on the review of other people, 

This is one of the biggest factors in shifting the traditional marketing media towards social media. It is beneficial for consumers and businesses. In conventional media, customers cannot express their opinions, provide feedback, whereas through social media those things can happen without any effort. 

Opinion and feedback from the customers are important for companies, by this, they can improve their products and services by adding some values. And from the customer’s point of view, they want to express their feelings and experiences about the product or services. Social media is easy to understand the goods and services customers want.

Getting genuine opinions and reviews is now easier, as you don’t have to ask physically from every single person to provide you information, but now everything is available from opinions, feedback or reviews to the product description on social media. 


Conventional media like television, print, and radio are not entirely obsolete, but shifts towards social media greatly impact those mediums. Brands and marketers while making strategies for traditional media, they also made the strategies for social media separately. Consumers are more on towards social media than they watch other mediums. They have to make more efforts towards social marketing, to make the campaign successful and creative. The successful brands have already adapted the social media tactics to reflect the ever-evolving and dynamic targeted audience.

If you are going to advertise your product or any services, then social media is the best platform you can utilize. Also, you can join this increasingly digital trend of marketing. You can avail the social media marketing services from top-notch marketing agency, Mystic Advertising. 

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