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Guide to Buy A Perfect 1800mm Shower Bath

Step by Step Guide to Buy A Perfect 1800mm Shower Bath

The 1800mm shower bath provides dual functionality of bath and shower space at the same. Its size is large enough to accommodate the medium and bigger bathrooms. But that does not mean you can not install it in relatively small places. The main purpose of choosing this bathtub for such places would be to have a comfortable bath and shower experience even in limited space. Shower Baths if you already don’t know, are a type of bath. Which has a bit bigger space on one end and a slopy side on the other. 

The purpose of a bigger space on the other end is to provide you an option to fix the shower overhead. So, in case you want to take a quick shower instead of a bath, you can do so without any problem. Simultaneously, the other slopy ends provide a comfortable place to keep your head and shoulder while lying in the bathtub. So, the idea of a shower bath comes from the need for a space-saving option for people. Those who don’t have enough space in the bathrooms for a separate shower area and bath. So, by installing this type of bathtub, you can enjoy both. 

However, buying a shower bath can be confusing for first-timers, and you may choose the wrong style creating a lot of hassle for you. Here in this article, we have discussed a step-by-step process to make a perfect bath purchase. 


When it comes to bathroom renovation, the concept of bath size and ratios may seem like a tedious topic. But as much as you’d like to move on to fancy features and creative color schemes, getting the right sized bath is one of the most important priorities in your bathroom.

The bath is often the main focal point of the bathroom, however, it’s often dictated by the size and shape of the room it’s in. So to understand what size bath will look best in your bathroom, here’s a handy guide.

So how big is the average bath? As it currently goes, the average bath size in the UK is approximately 1700mm in length and 700mm wide. For a small bath, it is around 1400mm-1500mm long and 700mm wide, whereas a large bath will be roughly 1800mm long and around 800mm wide, these are often freestanding baths in larger bathrooms with plenty of space.

For each size bathtub, the recommended space around your bathtub should be at least 760mm for it to be comfortable. For more important bathroom dimensions, see our Royal Bathrooms Renovation Cheat Sheet 

If you have a bathroom that is standard size, then we recommend adding a standard model. It’s a comforting, standalone bath that it isn’t built into a wall. The standard bathtub has the following dimensions: 1.70 meters by .70 meters or 1.80 meters by .80 meters. You can even get a shorter model measuring about 1.50 meters while at the same time retaining the standard width of .70 meters. The length of the tub is the most important during installation to ensure a perfect fit.

Step 1. Decide About the Place of Installation of 1800mm Shower Bath sizes.

The first step will be to decide where the bathroom you want to install 1800mm Shower Bath. It will be different if you already have a bathtub and only considering a replacement. However, if it is a completely new installation, then you must consider a suitable place to install a bath. In most cases, the straight bath option goes well with the bathroom corners or alongside walls. In contrast, more premium options like a round bathtub can be placed in the middle of the bathroom. You must avoid trying to change the place if you are simply replacing it because a new position will require a lot of plumbing work for water supply and drainage. 

Step 2. Measure the Space and Compare the 1800mm Shower Bath sizes.

The second step in this process is measuring the available space. Unless you know what size of shower bath you need, it will be simply impossible to choose the best option. So, take measurements, tap, and measure it from one side to another for the length and from down to up to your desired height. If you already have a bathtub and simply replacing it with a shower bath, then you should measure the existing one in the same way. Once you have the measurements in hand, you can start comparing them with shower bath sizes available on the royal bathroom’s website. If you have enough room, then one or two inches bigger or smaller tubs can be a suitable option. 

Step 3 Choose the Style of 1800mm Shower Bath

Once you have decided about installing and taking the measurement for the size, the third step is to choose between different styles available in the market. You should first consider whether you want a single-ended or double-ended shower bath. These two have a slight difference in shapes. These shapes of 1800mm Shower Bath are further available in p or l shapes where the shower side has further extra room for a comfortable shower. 

Other Tips on Buying a Shower Bath. 

Other things that you should consider after the shape of the bathtub include material and cost considerations. Bathtubs are available in different materials like plastic, steel, and acrylic. Their prices differ significantly basis on it. We suggest you choose acrylic as it durable and economical at the same time. In addition to that, the budget is also an important consideration. You can find various options to choose a shower bath that is available at different prices. 

Buy 1800mm Shower Bath from Royal Bathrooms UK

By following the above-discussed steps and tips, you can make the most out of your 1800mm Shower Bath purchase. The Royal Bathrooms has an extensive range of bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures available at a very reasonable price. You can explore their website to get the best deal for all your bathroom makeover needs from Royal Bathrooms. 


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