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Guide to Know About Neon Signs

Are you looking to add a splash of color to your interior walls and events? Neon lights can add a personal touch, it can reflect your personalities such as by displaying your favorite lyric or quote. You can get a custom sign of your company logo, your corporate tagline, recreate your product in neon, or a motivational quote chosen from the neon quotes collection to hang in your meeting room. Not only this but neon signs also provide a vibrant addition to your event. The custom neon signs for special events like weddings, baby showers, sweet 16s, product launches, bridal showers, engagement parties, etc. have become quite fun and trendy nowadays.

LED Neon Sign

However, there are many of them who fail to differentiate between a custom neon sign and an LED neon sign. When comparing the performance dimensions of LED and neon signs the following observations can be made. LEDs are significantly brighter than traditional neon tubes. LED neon signs used outside a shop or restaurant for advertising can be seen from a greater distance. In addition to this, it is possible to use LED signs during the day, increasing the value of the product. When looking at the performance capabilities of Neon signs, one of the major disadvantages is that neon sign deteriorates over time. Re-gassing neon signs that are performing poorly is common. 

To help you choose a perfect neon, we have put together this guide with everything you need to know for a fool-proof purchase. The most important question to answer before buying a neon is what purpose it will serve and the specifications you aim for the particular design: 

Design and Color

There are a variety of design samples – colors, fonts, and shapes. We love working with clients who know exactly what they are going for. If you are not sure, however, do not worry – we can create a realistic mockup that will help you understand how you feel about each design style. The style of the neon can influence the price of it as well. If you choose a neon with a curvy font as custom neon signs for special events, it will be priced higher than a sign with a block font.


It’s vital that you choose the right setting for the neon to give you the best mood/ambiance. LED neon signs for home are often used as alternative lighting to a side lamp.

Consider the size

Sometimes, it is possible that you may make an impulse purchase. However, you must bear in mind the size of the surface or area on which you want to fix the neon. This is the number one determinant of what size you will go for. You can always measure the area using a tape measure before heading out to search. With a size in mind, you can always order what can fit the available space. Note that the size will affect the final price of the neon.

Font Style

If you decide to order neon lights that form words or phrases, it is also important to consider the font style because it can significantly affect the whole mood of the space that you are going for and also the aesthetic design of the neon light itself. It is important to remember to avoid fonts that are hard to read. If you can and you want, it is frequently best to steer clear of cursive. It is usually recommended to use a large font in a color that stands out from the background/backlight of your neon sign.


Unless the neon is fitted with a clear front cover, it’s advisable to install LED neon signs for home or any other place where it can’t be easily knocked and broken or children can reach.


It is important that you decide during the design stage if you want your neon fitted onto a backing panel. It can be almost anything; we work with wood, metal, perspex, fake living walls, a picture, or anything else you like. This can then be supplied with hanging hooks and be directly plugged into a nearby socket. You may want the neon displayed onto a wall, but you’ll need a location to hide the remote transformer. This type of installation is often done alongside an electrician who can run the cables into the wall ready for the neon engineers to fit the transformer and neon directly onto the wall.

Benefits of Neon Signs

Now when we have talked about the purpose and specifications, let’s also talk about the benefits that it will provide you if you choose to get neon LED signs for yourself: 

Neon signs are popular among consumers due to their great ability to stand out and make a statement. Unlike other lights, such as LED signs, which are directional light sources, neon signs provide 360-degree illumination. As such, you can view them from quite a sizeable distance. The distance at which your sign will be visible will vary depending on the size of the sign. In general, however, for each inch of letter height, your sign will be visible over 30 feet away. Larger signs may even be visible at over 100 feet away.

Because the actual light is produced by the interaction of gas with electricity, neon lights use significantly less energy than traditional lights. For the most part, traditional lights employ electricity as the actual light source, but neon lights use electricity as a means to instigate light. Some estimates put energy savings as high as 50 to 70 percent.

Designed Neon Lights

Properly built and designed neon lights can last years. The average light bulb has an operating life on average of six months to a year. Typically, neon lights last longer than ten years, and when they do fail, it is usually because of electrical wiring deterioration.\

While many lights become hot to the touch when they are on, this is not the case with neon lights. Neon signs stay cool to the touch, no matter how long they’ve been on. This makes them safe to install in locations where they may be touched by employees or customers. You also don’t have to worry about any burnouts or other hazards with neon signs. They are very safe.

Because neon signs are made from gas-filled tubes, they pop more than a flat sign would. Some people even include neon signboards in their home decor because they can be unique art pieces. Along with their vivid colors and the fact that they glow, that three-dimensional look adds to what makes neon signs so eye-catching. They stand out from their surroundings, making them easy to spot and attracting attention to your business.

Neon Signboard

If you want to turn your dreams of the perfect neon sign for your business or any special event into a reality, you need a neon signboard company with expertise and a commitment to quality.  You along with that company have the power to transform your home from plain to fabulous or from boring to extraordinary. When you are dying to get that fun or full-of-life vibe in your house or any other places, neon signs can help you a lot with that.

Get in touch with Neon Attack that has an incredible amount of experience in the signage industry in India and it strives to exceed industry standards by providing its clients with superior signage solutions through in-house custom design, fabrication, and installation. Your name, motto you live by, your business mission, or the customized motivational quote or chosen from the Neon quotes collection – get customized neon signage for yourself. With the option of various fonts and colors, its entire team will design a sign that reflects your personality and give a funky touch to your surroundings.

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