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H1- XAT exam pattern 2022: Details & top courses to pursue

Knowing the XAT exam pattern well is critical to successfully attempting the exam. The toppers are always very thorough with the exam pattern. Ask the toppers, and they will say that it’s not just any other challenge, but a challenge to enjoy.

XAT is an aptitude test where your abilities are tested to their limits – as a result, it is not simply about questions and their answers. In fact, in some questions, more than one answer will be correct, and you will have to get them all.

Thus, what matters most is how you think about a problem. The XAT exam pattern is an invitation for aspirants to think creatively. You need to enjoy solving problems to get a good score.

H2- Overview of the XAT exam pattern

In 2022, XAT restored the essay writing test, after discontinuing it for two years. Thus, the XAT exam will have two major divisions – Part I and Part II. Part I will have MCQs on the core areas and Part II will have GK and Essay Writing.

The total time for the exam will be 190 minutes, i.e. 3 hours and 10 minutes. All questions, excluding the essay writing test, will carry 1 mark. Every wrong answer will result in a negative marking of 0.25.

Now let’s look at the question paper structure for the XAT exam.

H3- XAT exam question paper structure

Sections Number of questions
Verbal and Logical Ability 26
Decision Making 21
Quant & DI 28
GK 25
Essay writing test 1

H2- Five key Details about the XAT exam pattern

  • Each of the MCQ questions in the XAT exam pattern will have five options to select from.

  • You must remember to stress on Part I more, as the percentile is calculated entirely on Part I marks.

  • Apart from the negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer, there will also be a penalty of 0.10 for every unanswered question

  • Part I will have a sectional time limit of 165 minutes, after that it will close and Part II will start automatically

  • Remember to be flexible and there may be changes in the number of questions during the actual exam

H2- Courses to pursue after cracking the XAT exam

Under XAT, two separate categories of institutes are included.

  • The first category consists of the elite XAMI institutes under which XLRI, Loyola Insitute, Chicago, and other colleges under the Xavier group fall.

  • The second one is the XAT associate institutes which include many private and public institutes accepting XAT scores

With the XAT exam, you can enter either of the two categories. However, it is highly competitive when it comes to the XAMI institutes, and you can get through only with a very high score.

H3- Top courses with XAT results

H4- MBA in HR:

Doing an MBA in HR will allow you to explore a plethora of opportunities in the corporate world. HR is a critical part of all business organizations, therefore hiring never stops in this domain.

When you do an MBA in HR, make sure to go to a top college among the XAT associate institutes. The XAMI institutes don’t offer MBA in HR as most of their courses are PGDM.

Throughout the coursework, make sure to focus on internships and real industry experience. That is the most valuable asset that any MBA in HR graduate can have in today’s corporate world.

H4- PGDM in Finance

As mentioned before, the XAMI institutes offer only PGDM courses, but if you can get into one of them, you never look back. They have excellent infrastructure and a teaching-learning environment.

Graduates of PGDM in Finance from a XAMI institute will be expected to reach the top position in the domain. The alumni network of the industry is strong and all of them are now placed in top companies.

The opportunity to network with them is a critical element in your success. By the time you graduate, you will have a set of industry connections that is equivalent to 5 -10 years of work experience.

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