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Hajj 2022 Guide about Hajj and Umrah

Link and method to register on the Hajj booking site for this year 1442/2022

The link and method of registration on the Hajj booking site for this hajj 2022 are dedicated to the pilgrims of the House of God.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that registration for the Hajj for the year 2022 AD will be limited to those wishing to perform the Hajj rituals for the year 1442 AH from citizens and residents inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; With a total number of up to 60,000 pilgrims only, as a result of what the country and the world are witnessing from the continuing developments of the new Coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19), and the emergence of new modifications to it, and accordingly, it was decided to limit the availability of registration for those wishing to perform the Hajj rituals for the year 1443  AH for citizens and residents within The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the electronic path for pilgrims that will be launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.


Hajj booking site

The Hajj Reservation Site is the online portal launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for those wishing to register for Hajj; So that those wishing to perform Hajj 2022 year who meet the conditions can reserve their desires to perform Hajj, as reservation and registration begin on this website starting at 1:00 pm on Sunday, corresponding to 3/11/1442 AH, and continues until 10:00 pm From Wednesday, corresponding to Dhu al-Qi’dah 13, 1442 AH, those who meet the requirements will be able to register during any time in the ten days.[1]

Criteria for booking pilgrims through the booking site for Hajj 2022

There are a set of criteria that must be taken into account when registering in the Hajj portal for hajj packages and umrah packages, and they are as follows:

Just registering in the electronic portal does not mean choosing among the pilgrims of 1442 AH, but there are criteria for arranging the priority of that.
There is no priority for early registration. The choice will be made between those who registered in the portal and those who meet the health and regulatory requirements, regardless of the date and time of its registration on the first day or the last day during the period available for registration.
The criteria for selecting among those registered in the portal who meet the health and regulatory requirements are as follows:

The applicant must have never performed Hajj.

Observing the age in descending order, starting with those who are 65 years old, and then descending after them, in order to enable them to perform the pillar of Hajj.
Reservation and purchase of hajj packages will start at 1 pm on Friday, corresponding to Dhul Qi’dah 15, 1443 AH.

How to register on the booking site for Hajj this year 2022:

Registration is done electronically for the citizens of the Kingdom and those residing on its lands who meet the conditions through the electronic path for the pilgrims inside, by following the following instructions:

Direct entry to the electronic path for the pilgrims inside “from here”.
Go to the (electronic services) tab.
Click on the (Services Reservation) menu.
Choose a service (request a reservation).
Enter the number of pilgrims and the city.

Then determine the Hajj program that suits the applicant in the electronic path for the pilgrims inside.
Enter all the data of the pilgrims and the required information in the fields designated for this.
Enter the pilgrims’ identification numbers and their dates of birth.

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After that, the pilgrim will see the fees that he must pay.
Complete the payment through the available payment channels.
Screening is carried out based on the achievement of sanitary and regulatory standards.
Priority is given to those who have previously performed Hajj.
Purchase the package and pay within 3 hours of testing the packages to avoid cancellation.
Finally, the Hajj permit is issued after paying the bill; This is so that the pilgrim can present this declaration to the competent authorities in order to allow the performance of the rites of Hajj.

Inquire about reservation status for Hajj 2022:

You can inquire about the status of Hajj for Hajj from the electronic services of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, which enables the pilgrim to inquire about reservation details for the internal Hajj program, by following the following:

To directly enter the link to inquire about the status of reservation for Hajj “from here”.
Enter the reservation number or the national identity of the pilgrim.

Conditions for registering on the Hajj booking site:
There are a set of conditions that must be observed when registering on the Hajj booking site, which are:

The age of the applicant for Hajj reservation should be between (18 to 65 years).
The health status of the applicants should be free of chronic diseases.
Applicants for Hajj this year should be among the categories that have received the approved vaccines in the Kingdom, in accordance with the controls and mechanisms followed in the Kingdom for immunization categories, which are immunized, or vaccinated who completed one dose and spent 14 days or vaccinated recovering from infection.

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Customer Service Numbers of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah:

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has launched many different means of communication to make it easier for citizens and residents to communicate with the Ministry to provide their distinguished services around the clock, and it can be communicated through the following means:

The unified number of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is: 8004304444 or 00966920002814
Contact us page on the website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah “from here”.
The official account of the ministry on Twitter “from here”.
The website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah “from here”.
See also: The link for the electronic path of the pilgrims inside 1442 through the Ministry of Hajj

You can access the website of the Hajj booking website “from here”, where this link will take you to the electronic portal specially prepared for the registration of Saudi citizens and residents in the Kingdom in order to reserve their requests for Hajj for this year; Which is witnessing special procedures and measures for the Hajj season as a result of developments in the situation regarding the Corona epidemic, as the Hajj will be limited to 60 thousand pilgrims from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory for Saudi Hajj and Umrah Officers

The Covid-19 vaccine will be mandatory for officers serving hajj and umrah activities. As well as those working in shops in Makkah and Madinah.

The announcement was issued by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Urban and Rural Affairs and Housing in a circular letter.

“Those who serve the congregation must be vaccinated on the first day of Ramadan,” according to the circular.

The ministry said that if a worker does not get the Covid-19 vaccine. Then they have to do a PCR test once a week. Of course, the cost of the PCR test will be borne by the facility where they work.

This step is a follow-up to the Kingdom which has ordered all workers. In certain fields to carry out PCR tests every seven days. Workers who have not received the vaccine will have a PCR test at the expense of their employer.

This also applies to employees in barbershops, salons, restaurants, cafes, and food outlets. They must be vaccinated starting May 13, 2022.

Both depend on the appearance of the moon.

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