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Here are 9 Tips to Help Your Small Business Succeed in 2022

Being a small business in an immensely competitive market will never be an easy ordeal. As many companies continue reeling from the aftermath of the pandemic, your current goal as a small business owner should be to make your business guide stand out amongst competitors.

Following the right trends, leveraging the best technology and building strong networks can help you kick-start your journey. And as far as getting ahead in the brand-building game is concerned, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Build a robust SEO website

A technology-driven world expects business idea agility. When potential buyers hear about a brand, the first thing they do is look it up online.

Getting an easy-to-navigate website set up should be amongst the first decisions you make for your small business. Once the website is ready, the next step is to drive traffic towards it.

What’s the content you plan on posting? What are the different services you believe your brand offers? These are some of the questions, to begin with.

Being easily searchable on the Internet is a key contributor to effective brand building. Here are some key components to consider before your website goes live:

  • Get the hang of all relevant keywords for your brand’s website
  • Use strategic information organisation to improve your SERP rankings
  • Create SEO friendly content
  1. Offer excellent customer experiences

As a small business, nothing will help you build a brand as much as offering seamless customer service will. When customers have a good experience, they tell their friends and family. When customers have a bad experience, they definitely tell their friends and family.

Word-of-mouth publicity can be a game-changer for small businesses. Look at customer feedback and implement changes to resolve recurring concerns. Conduct NPS surveys to gauge customer satisfaction.

According to Microsoft, companies that proactively act on customer feedback are viewed more positively by 77% of consumers.

Reach out to your buyers. Request them to leave affirmative reviews about your brand on search engines like Google. This can serve as social proof and improve your ranking.

  1. Get to know your audience

The Internet and increased accessibility have made getting to know and studying your target audience much simpler than ever before. If your small business does not know exactly what appeals to its buyers, there will be no solid strategies to rely upon.

Buyers want to be met where they are. They expect fast communication and faster solutions. Given the number of alternatives that they can now turn to in the blink of an eye, great customer experiences are critical for brand-building.

Use tools like real-time analytics to gauge where your customers come from. Offer them need-based products. Conduct surveys and feedback collection to customise your brand according to their demands.

  1. Pay attention to mental health

This year, an emerging positive trend highly beneficial to small businesses is the focus on mental health in the workplace. Introducing policies that promote a mentally safe work environment regardless of the size of a company is now considered essential.

Employee stress levels worsen due to high attrition rates, remote work miscommunications, and a blurring work-life balance.

Coming up with a mental health protocol that addresses such issues will result in reduced attrition rates, increased productivity and motivated employees.

  1. Embrace social media

Online platforms like Instagram and Twitter can help small businesses run exciting campaigns and reach millions of viewers simultaneously in a cost-effective fashion.

And using social media to interact with your audience and create excitement among leads can be incredibly beneficial. Thus, having a website dedicated exclusively to your brand is essential.

But, being active on social media has its own set of added advantages.

One such advantage is influencer marketing.

Finding an influencer who endorses the beliefs your business abides by can strengthen brand-building techniques. And collaborating with them or even a brand with significant reach on social media can serve as a wonderful asset.

  1. Create a small business network

As a small business, one of the biggest ongoing struggles is to get your target audience to trust you. Look for brands that customers already trust. Network and collaborate with them.

When small business owners join hands with complementary businesses and implement the right networking tools, their chances of growth increase exponentially. This helps you get a closer look at which practices are working for others and what you can do differently.

When buyers see you actively involved with other businesses they trust, their interest in your services eventually deepens.

  1. Leverage technology like cloud telephony systems

Your digital presence will largely determine your success as a small business in the foreseeable future. Switching to solutions like cloud telephony systems and updating your communications strategy accordingly will add to your efforts.

Investing capital in the best technology will be the wisest decision you make. Let us explain how.

Getting a toll free number will let consumers from any part of the country contact you for free. This will show them that you are dedicated to providing a good experience and adding to your professional image.

Using tools like AI and IVR to automate recurring processes and save efforts for tasks that need more attention and brainstorming is another helpful feature that digitalisation offers.

Installing cloud telephony systems will reduce the work burden on your team and increase the seamlessness of your customer service.

  1. Hire a reliable team

To have a happy and healthy workplace, it will become imperative for small businesses to use innovative techniques to bring and retain talented people. Having only a handful of employees can make you cost-effective, but can deteriorate the quality of the service you provide.

It is, therefore, very important to find the right set of people who can help you bring your vision to life. With most work moving online, you can now find the best pool of employees from all across the world.

Some tips for effective team building include:

  • Communicate your requirements clearly
  • Emphasise what makes working with your small business a unique experience
  • Offer active communication
  • Endorse a healthy workspace with an emphasis on mental health
  1. Add layers to your business guide

Giving your brand a visually appealing existence is another excellent technique for brand building.

Find a design team that can work with you to come up with a logo that precisely depicts your brand’s offerings. The font styles you use, the colours of the overall theme, etc., are some subtle details that can help you build a public image of your venture.

Another critical aspect of brand building is personal branding. If you hide behind your firm’s identity and resist being vulnerable and human in front of your target audience, you might miss out on significant emotional engagement.

Viewers expect personal interaction with small businesses. Get to know them, and in the process, introduce yourself, your team and your business to them.


A small business’s journey can be full of hurdles at first. The road to success will have challenges and obstructions, but it will not be impossible to tread.

These difficulties can be overcome by determination and the willingness to thrive. And the brand-building strategies that we’ve discussed will make the path smoother for you!

Author Bio

Kritik Verma is a marketing enthusiast with a specialization in digital marketing. He is currently working at Servetel, a leading cloud telephony provider offering cloud services like IVR, Toll-Free Number, Virtual number, Click to call and many more to boost business success. He enjoys reading about the latest digital marketing trends.

Kritik Verma

Kritik Verma is a marketing enthusiast with a specialization in digital marketing. He is currently working at Servetel, a leading cloud telephony provider offering cloud services like IVR Solutions, Toll Free Number, Virtual number, Click to call and many more to boost business success. He enjoys reading about the latest digital marketing trends.

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