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Here Are A Few Curtain Designs To Amp Up Your Drawing Room In 2022

Do you ever get complexity seeing beautiful pictures of a room online and think you can’t afford it because you have a limited budget? Curtains have the potential to make or break a room’s look and are the most inexpensive solution. Curtains improve the room’s overall aesthetics and enhance the room’s look. When it comes to Curtains Adelaide, it can be overwhelming to estimate how to match the curtains with the decor. 

At  Northside Curtains & Blinds, they have a collection of fabrics best suited for all styles and moods.  Some of the simple and modern curtain designs to amp up your drawing room are as follows:

Curtains: The Ultimate Styling Guide!

Curtains manage and protect your home’s privacy; it also protects from sunlight and dust and improve sleep quality. Curtains are the essence of the room, so choosing suitable curtains is crucial without compromising the style and elegance they can bring into the room is incredibly vital. With the right set of ideas on which pattern, designs, and colors to choose while deciding on the curtain, you can change the whole look of your room. 

  • An extension of the wall

The ceiling height curtains with horizontal or vertical strips can add an elegant look and a flair shot to a classic white drawing-room. It looks like it was falling from the ceiling and framing the windows rather than blocking them. 

  • Fancy designs with pop prints

In a monochromatic room setting, pop prints with fancy designs can add an element of playfulness. It can give a welcoming and friendly vibe while adding to the room’s aesthetics. Contrasting between dark and light colors can add a rich boldness to the room.

  • Stormy Shades

Curtains are made with rich, silky fibers, with various patterns that cadence small touches of fancy decor can be used. To achieve a dark modern look, use minimal color and maximum pattern. It is preferable to use a single color that contrasts with the room.

  • Net Curtains 

In closed-off apartments and spaces, sheer net curtains are preferable as they magnify the light entering the room. Net curtains are the right choice for you if you want to keep your drawing room muted. It adds to the room’s elegance without causing any distraction to the decor.

  • Textured Roman Shades

You should opt for thick, textured fabric for a rustic and layered look. It can be paired perfectly with different bohemian accessories and artwork. These curtains will bring a certain charm to your room and showcase the inner artist in you. 

  • Drapes Curtain

You can get the feel of living in a place by selecting the right curtains. Metallic gold curtains with asymmetric drapes bring royal lavishness to the room. To pair this with a velvet sofa and armchairs is a big yes. The glossier the curtains are, the more charm and romance they will bring to the room.


Northside Curtains & Blinds aims to allure the homes of customers, all while providing excellent customer satisfaction and thus producing stunning results without attacking your pockets. Unlike painting the walls, installing curtains is comparatively hassle-free.  The few things to look for in curtains are the impact the colors, texture, and design of the curtain will have on the rest of your room.

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