Here Are A Few Must-Have Earthly Elements In Your Home

What Are Earthly Elements?

The home’s interior design makes everyone’s dream home unique. Experienced home builder Mandurah has found new elements of home designs that are trendsetters. The use of earthly elements has become a trend recently. Let’s discuss them more.

Five elements define the perfect balance of nature- earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. Out of these, the earth elements represent groundedness and nurturing. 

What Are The Must-Have Earth Elements In Your Home?

The primary design elements related to the earth elements are:

  • The colors of yellow, brown, and other earthy tones
  • The shapes are square and flat
  • Ceramics, natural stones, and other heavy materials.

Having known the primary elements, let’s discuss some ideas about how we can utilize them while decorating our homes-

  1. Wall color- As we mentioned before, specific colors are related to the earth element. Adding earth-toned walls to your home design would enhance the look of your house, and these colors act as beautiful supportive backdrops which enhance the beauty of any decor item or furniture. 

For example, you can decorate the space with plants and macrame wall hangings with neutral colors like soft sandy and light brown in the background to add an aesthetic vibe. 

  1. Natural crystals- Using genuine crystals to decorate houses has been a practice for centuries. There are seven natural stones, and it can get overwhelming to choose the right one. These natural crystals have been placed in our homes to ward off negative feelings or influence any and encourage positive vibes. 

They improve the harmony and prosperity of the house. They have different vibrational frequencies which can protect, heal and transmit energy. You can look out for crystals of earthly colors like tiger’s eye or citrine. 

  1. Ceramics- Ceramics are an attractive option to add an earth element to your home. The material comes from the earth itself. There are many options of ceramic objects you can choose from, like cups and plates, vases, mugs, clay planters, and many more. 

For example, you can use these ceramic pots to plant small plants like bamboo, cactus, or snake plants. Apart from that, you have pottery skills; you can also make something creative for yourself. 

  1. Decorative Accessories- Apart from wall color and furniture, accessories are essential in enhancing the area. So, it is vital to accessorize correctly, as going overboard with accessories that don’t match the other components of your house would ruin the entire decor. 

While choosing accessories, incorporate the color schemes and shapes of the earth element. For example, you can add square rugs or cushions. Apart from that, earth-toned textiles like curtains or fabrics are a great way to nurture energy in your home. 

Other options include paintings where you can choose square or rectangular artwork that has been painted using earthy shades of browns and yellows. 


The proper design gives style and adds character to your house, reflecting your personality. Compass Homes WA has options of renovating your homes and designing them. In addition,  home builders in Mandurah would help you plan, design, and build your own dream home.

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