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Here Are A Few Tips To Design Your Split Level Home!

If you’ve ever come across split-level home designs in Adelaide or any other surrounding area, you know that they can be a beautiful piece of architectural beauty! 

One of the primary facts is that they are designed to use space very efficiently and have lovely high ceilings. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to reflect your vision of an ideal home! 

Therefore, if you’re planning to modernize your split-level home, we suggest you continue exploring these ideas.

Your Practical Guide To Designing Split Homes

  • Doorway up-gradation:

There are times we might feel it is challenging to come up with an idea to change the doorway or entryway as it is already a split-level entry, but we can always play with the architecture; moving the doors can be fun. 

So move it from the original point to another point, for example, from the street to the lawn. We can always get a Glassdoor too as a chance to feel more authentic and modernized, so a beautiful glass door certainly helps in that aspect.

  • Illumination of the interiors:

Well, when it comes to split-level home designs in Adelaide, the chances are that the property might be too cramped and in a very one-styled or themed home. However, we can always add a couple of windows to let more light in or make the existing windows bigger, making the home more updated and modernized. 

A glass ceiling at a certain point can also be added, which adds much flair to the home, and we can play with colors. Lighter tones of colors tend to attract eyes more and make homes look more dated. Custom mirrors are also a great choice to get more light reflections in your home.

  • Breaking the walls:

When it comes to split-level homes, we all know that they have quite a few walls; well, it does create some hindrance. While load-bearing walls can’t be removed, a few other calls, especially the kitchen one which connects the hallway or dining, can create more space.

  • Upgrade the technology inside:

We know that technology is constantly getting upgraded in this modern age, and we need to keep up with it, too; it plays an essential role in split-level homes. Starting from security to IoT for homes, we can implement a lot of things to make our homes modernized, which. 

Reconfiguring the HVAC system is a big step up. We all know that split-level homes tend to have some cold and warm spots, so not all parts of your home are at the same temperature. So having an HVAC system can solve that problem. A security system needs to be in place to make sure no bad things happen to the house.

  • Changing the outlook:

The outlook of your home, or rather the exterior, tells you a lot about the home you live in. Painting the home exterior is a major step to make sure the house looks dated and not from a time capsule. 

We can always use different colors for the walls and the roof. Getting a garage and adding a door can also brighten up the look. 

Bottom Line

It is your home so hiring the right professionals like Rendition Homes and having the right vision is important to make it more homely, upgraded, and modernized. Take care of your home always, so it looks the best and comfortable whenever you step in or even the guests. 

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