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Here Are Some Handy Tips To Clear A Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is one of the most common plumbing problems, and it can happen even when we are cautious and vigilant. There can be many causes for blocked drains. With time grease can build up, or small things may slip into the drains causing them to get clogged.

Sometimes finding the clogging point becomes very difficult to help clear the drain. Hence it is always preferable to call professional plumbers. Leakless Plumbing has the latest skills and tools to clear any blockage. They have insured, certified, and extremely qualified plumbers to clear any blockages.

Leakless Plumbing For Your Abode!

The technology used by Leaksless Plumbing can help clear any blocked drains in Ipswich; the best cure for the blocked drain is a precaution and ensuring nothing leads to the clogging of the drain.

The main causes of a blocked drain may occur improper Plumbing, you pouring grease down the drain, or there may be food scraps or eggshells that may be stuck. Try to avoid those; however, if the drain is still blocked, you can try the below handy tips to clear a blocked drain:

Boiling water

This is a great method to clear a blocked drain if it has accumulated grease clogging it. You have to pour down a hot kettle of water, which is extremely beneficial for smaller drains where the grease needs to be loosened up. But this method is only effective if used in metal or ceramic pipes, as using it in PVC pipes will loosen the joints. This is an efficient method as it uses no chemicals.


If you can see exactly what is the thing that is blocking your drain and if it is in a position for you to reach out and take it out, using a plunge is preferable. It is mostly used in kitchen sinks, blocked toilets, or bathroom sinks. This is very effective for solid blockages. It can also be used to pick small things that might otherwise be not visible.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is the most common DIY used by many people to naturally clear the blocked drain in the bathroom or kitchen sink. This method can be done in addition to pouring the boiling water down the drain; after that, you can add ½ cup of baking soda, followed by another ½ cup og vinegar, and then close it by pouring some more boiling water. After the mixture is reacting, you can flush it with another pot of boiling water. This process clears everything as it can melt and clear all types of blockage.

Wire Hanger

This method is used when you can see any object stuck in the drain, and you can just unbend the hanger and make a small hook to pick up any objects you desire, as this is also very useful to pick up things from an extremely narrow pipe.


Although it would be best to ensure nothing enters your drain, you can also try the above methods to clear the drain blockage.

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