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Here Are Some Rules To Know Around Motor Vehicles Act!

Although undesirable, accidents are everyday occurrences globally. The Motor Vehicles Act seeks to protect innocent people from such incidents. Under this act, one can file a claim with the appropriate motor vehicle accident lawyers in Adelaide and get fairly compensated for their loss or physical inconvenience, medical bills, and travel expenses. 

Therefore, to give you some reliable insights into the act here’s a blog highlighting the laws, the latest updates, and everything there to know. Let’s get started! 

History Of The Motor Vehicle Act

The Motor Vehicles Act was introduced in Australia to protect the innocent people traveling the roads who could be affected by the drivers and the vehicles. The MVSA (Motor Vehicles Standards Act), which was introduced in 1989, seeks to protect people from negligent drivers as well as monitor the vehicles being put up for sale in the Australian market. 

According to the MVSA, all vehicles supplied to the market must meet the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) specifications. These rules set the design and performance requirements for the safety of the vehicles and the standards or emissions. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) also supports the government’s vision to design the ADRs by the international standards set by the UN for light vehicles. 

The Motor Vehicles Standards Act Review:  

The Australian government put the MVSA up for review in 2014. This decision was welcomed by the automobile industry, including the FCAI, as this meant modernizing the existing MVSA resulting in more efficiency in the business. Moreover, this review provided an opportunity to improve the operation and effectiveness of the concessional schemes for parallel and personal imports. 

The parallel imports, also known as grey imports, are those vehicles imported into the country not by the official brand but by other sources. Most parallel imports are imported within the confines of the law as personal imports or through the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS).  These are concessional schemes that allow significant concessions to show how the vehicles meet the specifications of the ADRs.

One can claim these benefits if one were in a:

  • Car (as a driver or passenger)
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle (rider or pillion)
  • Bicycle
  • Train
  • Or if one were a pedestrian

Takeaway To Australian Consumer Law  

Motor vehicle accident lawyers in Adelaide suggest that consumer rights of all products in Australia are protected by the Australian Consumer Law (ACC). This also includes motor vehicles. The ACL includes a separate guide for the automobile sales and repair sector. 

Road Vehicles Standards Act 2018: On 1st July 2021, a transition occurred where the MVSA was replaced by the Road Vehicles Standard Act 2018 (RVSA) for a trial period, ending on 30th June 2023. Until then, the MVSA deemed it illegal to import and sell imported automobiles in the vehicles market unless they met the specifications of the ADRs. The RVSA set forth arrangements involving Identification Plate Approval (IPA) holders and Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs). 

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Now that you know all there is about the law, chances are you’ll be able to save yourself better around any difficulties. However, if you ever need professional help, consider reaching out to experts at the PNM Lawyers. They provide expert solutions regarding road accidents and motor vehicle claims and have an excellent success rate.

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