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Here are Some Tips on How to Choose the Best Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the best accessories that a person can choose to enhance their look. Not only does a pair of sunglasses make the person look trendy but also enhances the clothing. Sunglasses can be worn in any occasion be it a party, casual date, weddings or picnics. So how do you choose the best pair of sunglasses to suit your occasion?

What Makes a Good Pair of Sunglasses?

Let’s start by knowing how many types of sunglasses there are.

There are several types of sunglasses and we will give you a brief introduction to each of them.  Eventually you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

Cat Eye Sunglasses Are Quite Popular These Days

Cat eye sunglasses are elongated sunglasses which look a bit triangular in shape. Cat eye sunglasses are beautifully designed and one of the best sunglasses for women.

For What Occasion Can You Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses can be worn for casual dates and casual occasions like Picnics, dates and parties. You can also wear them on a Sunday brunch with your family and stand out amongst your siblings! 

Next Up We Have Round Shaped Sunglasses

Round shaped sunglasses are usually popular among the younger generation. However, their history dates back to several years in the past. Many people in the 1950s wore this sunglass as a fashion statement. Round eye sunglasses are a classic retro look and you can pair them up with polka dotted clothes. 

Aviator Sunglasses Will Leave A Mark on Your Fashion Status

Aviator sunglasses were traditionally designed  for aviators and firefighters. Air Force defence personnel also used aviator sunglasses for protection against external substances. However these pairs of sunglasses looked so elegant that they slipped into the common men’s fashion staple. It is a very bold fashion statement. Aviator glasses cover the upper portion of your face and look very elegant. Airport looks are incomplete without aviator sunglasses. Also you can wear them to parties and different corporate meetings only if you can carry them well.

Shield Glasses are Traditionally Used for People Working in Furnaces and Electrical Engineers

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses apart from the fashion quotient then shield glasses are the best for you. As protection glasses they are the best pair that you can lay your hands on. 

Biker Goggles are the Best Option for You if You Want to Buy Sunglasses Online

As the name suggests biker goggles are used for biking and other sport activities. They are the best sunglasses for men and women who are interested in biking and sports activities.

Biker Goggles can be worn even outside of biking activities. People wear biker goggles for the sake of fashion as well. They look trendy and stylish on any face and enhance the outfit that the person is wearing.

Foldable Goggles are One of the Best Eyewear Online

Foldable goggles are handy sunglasses that you should keep in case you are a sports freak. People interested in hiking and trekking should make sure that they have a pair of foldable sunglasses to fit in their trekking bags. They take up much less space than a usual sunglass. They are usually unbreakable and foldable.

Buy a Good Pair of Polarized Sunglasses to Keep you Company

If you really want to invest in a good piece of eyewear then polarised sunglasses are the best option for you. This is because polarised sunglasses are anti-glare and anti sunshine. They protect the user’s eye from the glaring sun and UV rays. 

Even though a pair of polarised sunglasses might be a little more expensive than an inexpensive one it is a very good investment. You can get the best pair of polarized sunglasses online.

Buy an Oversized Pair of Sunglasses if You Want to Go Bold on any Outfit

Let’s face it, oversized sunglasses are not everybody’s cup of tea. You need a lot of confidence and boldness to pull it off. But who said you can’t? Make sure that you wear a white framed oversized pair of sunglasses and shock everyone with your confidence.

A pair of oversized glasses look really elegant and chic on anyone that has the courage to put them on. It goes with almost any outfit be it a dress or bell bottom jeans.

You should make sure that you choose the right pair of sunglasses according to the colour palette. For example if you are wearing a dark shade of clothing then go for white or pink sunglasses. However if you’re wearing light colour clothes then you can Pair it up with dark framed sunglasses.

Where to Buy a Good Pair of Sunglasses?

You can find your best fit of sunglasses online. There are several stores which sell good quality sunglasses like lenskart, ‘eye my eye’ and Danielwellington.

How do you Choose the Best Pair of Sunglasses According to your Face Shape?

Of the primary things that you should keep in mind while choosing a sunglass is your face shape.

  • Diamond Face Shape

    If you have a diamond shaped face which is pointed around the chin then Cat eye sunglasses are the perfect fit for you.

  • Let us suppose you have a rectangular face which is broader around the chins, then biker glasses and oversized sunglasses will suit your face excellently.


  • Considering that you have a heart faced shape then you are definitely lucky! This is because almost any sunglasses go well with the heart shaped face.


  • If you have an Oval face then you are one of the luckiest people in the world too. This is because cat eye sunglasses, bumble bees, round shaped sunglasses, aviators and biker goggles suit this face shape very well.


  • On the other hand if you have a circular face then go for cat eye sunglasses and the bumble bee. Rectangular sunglasses will also suit your face shape a lot.

What are the Best Pair of Sunglasses Based on Profession?

Computer Sunglasses

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic most of the work has been shifted online. Working professionals are estimated to spend over six hours sitting in front of their screens. Hire professionals also spend 8 hours or more on their laptops or mobiles.

Do you think it does not affect our eyes to be watching the screen for such a long time? Of course it does! So what is the solution? We suggest that you buy a pair of computer sunglasses. In computer sunglasses the glasses are made of a special material.

These sunglasses are specially designed to protect the users from the screen rays and harmful radiation from the laptop and computers. However an easy remedy for preventing any eye problems is using computer glasses. Thus if you are a professional belonging to the IT services then these glasses are a must.

Non Polarised Aviators are Used by Pilots

Non polarised sunglasses and aviators are used by pilots and aircraft professionals.

Final Words:

Sunglasses are a fashion statement which is a must for all individuals. They have become an essential part of our daily life as they protect us from the sun rays. 

There are several other sunglasses that you can choose for daily wear. You must ensure that the pair of glasses that you choose are of good quality and flexible. 

Although we have mentioned and given suggestions for several face shapes and the sunglasses that would suit you best, it is definitely up to you to choose your own pair! Any pair of sunglasses would suit your face just fine. Just be sure to wear it with a smile and your charming confidence. After all, confidence is the best apparel that you can choose.

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