Here is The List Of Best Bikes Under 2 Lakh In India

Under a specific budget? Want to get the taste of real speed and comfort even then? Here are four of the best bikes available in the market under 2 lakh rupees.

  • The KTM – RC 200

For people having a taste in riding fast and arriving in style, the KTM RC 200 has always been the go-to choice. Famous among many youngsters and experienced bikers, the RC 200 has always maintained a brand image and riding quality.

If you are currently riding a lower cc bike, then this hunk of 200cc upgrade is exactly what you need. KTM has always maintained its leadership in crafting good looking and speed efficient bikes over the years.

The ergonomics of this ride allows it to be better than most 200cc bikes out there. The only visible downsides to this bike would be its small capacity of fuel storage which leads to frequent refueling and the discomfort of the seating arrangement

  • The Bajaj – Dominar 400

Being a veteran player in the bikes industry, the Bajaj company has overlayed their best experiences with bikes into this one. The Bajaj Dominar 400 has a whopping 373cc engine that also happens to be liquid-cooled.

By having such an enormous beast of an engine, one must think that it must have a pretty lousy mileage, but here’s the catch, it doesn’t. The Dominar will not disappoint when it comes to its mileage at all.

In fact, it is this incredible performance and mileage of the bike that happens to be its most significant selling point. However, having such a massive engine does have the disadvantage of the bike being reasonably substantial when compared to its other competitors.

  • The Yamaha – FZ25

When it comes to bike finance, it is imperative that you do not overspend on the actual bike itself. Therefore, bringing in the cheapest bike on this list is the Yamaha FZ25. Coming at around rupees 1.19 lakhs, this 259cc bike will not dissuade you into thinking that its performance is reduced.

Having an incredible performance and fairly reasonable mileage, FZ25 is one of the few bikes that people can’t turn their head-on. The company, Yamaha, having successfully sold around 12,000 units of this bike, continues to prove its worthiness in the market.

Although, the absence of the sixth gear and a liquid cooling system might persuade some people into looking at other options.

  • The Royal Enfield – Classic 350

If you are not a person who prefers to ride the relatively light and fast bikes, then perhaps the king of the Royal Enfield series might entice you. Fitted with a bountiful 346cc engine and having the quality standards of a Royal Enfield bike, the Classic 350 is what you could say is a proper bullet.

Equipped with excellent performance and mileage, this bike will provide you with smooth and comfortable riding experiences. The powerful engine will provide you with more than enough torque to feel like a weightlifter and have a good show while riding.

The only evident complications in this bike would be its extreme weight and vibrations caused due to the false neutrals at times.

Some of you might feel as if the prices of these vehicles are a bit too much. Therefore, if you are looking for the best sports bikes under 1 lakh rupees then some of the choices you might want to look at more deeply are:

  • The Bajaj Pulsar 200NF
  • The Bajaj Avenger 220
  • The TVS Apache RTR 180ABS

Moreover, if you have the feeling that you might not be able to cover up such huge expenses, then it is always viable to search for more suitable options like installment plans and two-wheeler loans.

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