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Here’s a List of Must-Try Renovation Hacks for Your Bathroom

If you are one of those who has been planning to renovate your entire house then why leave the bathroom behind? A bathroom needs to stay clean and it should also look good so you can maintain hygiene. So, if you want your bathroom to get a makeover, you are at the right place today. You must have some thoughts about how you want to rejuvenate your old bathroom. Consider the below ideas for a unique look your bathroom deserves. They are affordable and practical. Implementing the hacks will be like a treat to your eyes. 

1. Creative Layout

Many people draw their jaws to hear about changing the layout of their bathrooms. They are shocked to even hear about the intention to embark upon such a daunting task. Clients worry that a big job may rack up a sound bill. Though shuffling your bathroom around is a fairly simple and inexpensive procedure. So if your current layout is not that impressive anymore, get creative and mix it up. 

2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A mirror is an essential bathroom item. Let it not be boring and dull. Spice up your mirror with a colorful, stunning frame. Choose a decorative mirror to hang on the wall. This little bathroom improvement can instantly draw the attention of anyone who visits the bathroom. It is a simple tool that does not require much of your money or time. But when you see your face in a classy mirror, it automatically feels good. 

3. Update Shower Tile

A cracked or faded tile around the shower area is an instant eyesore. When you decide on a bathroom renovation, talk to Luxus Bathrooms to replace and repair the area where signs of oldness are prominent. Your designer can rejuvenate the fault with some fabulous creations as if it is new. Tell them if you want to create a focal point. When a tile is chipped or broken, it not only looks bad but also becomes a safety hazard. So updating the tile is always a wise decision. 

4. New Windows and Doors

Renewing the windows and doors of the bathroom brings the energy of newness. Remove the old-fashioned frosted glass. Set a translucent double glazing one instead. It massively changes the look and is such an inexpensive deal. The increased flow of natural light can do wonders for space.

Another idea is to replace the curtain of the shower area and set a glass shower door. This feature makes the space look brighter. It is an up-to-date, trendy look for the home. Choose whatever the frame of tiles you like and install it in your bathroom to make it look more beautiful

5. More Space

A messy, cluttered bathroom does not look good. Prevent this from happening. So, while renovating your bathroom, do not forget to add some extra space here. Make sure you get ample storage throughout the bathroom. Add a new vanity During the Bathroom Renovations in Glenelg, consider a new vanity or a trendy closet. That can be aesthetically appealing and also helpful in hiding unsightly toiletries. 


Just like your bedroom, your bathroom is also an essential part of your home. It not only needs to stay clean, but it should also look good. So while investing money on renovation, invest a little money to renovate your bathroom too for the sake of hygiene and the beauty of your home. Try any of the above makeovers and give your bathroom a changed look just like new. Ask any reputed Bathroom Renovations in Glenelg for help. You can also include your own creativity with that and get a whole new bathroom at a reasonable budget.

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