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Here’s A List Of Situation Where You Need To Reach Out To Your Electrician

Many people make the mistake of calling an electrician until it’s too late or when there’s a major electrical issue like frequent power cuts or faulty circuit breakers. These are emergencies when you need to call a professional electrical expert. However, there are some other situations wherein you need to call your electrician to save potential fire hazards or your long-term costs electrician in Burleigh Heads.

  • Overcrowded Outlets or Use of Extension Cords for Multiple Devices

These days, we are bringing home new appliances and devices to make our lives easier – starting from the electric kettle, the rice cooker, the water heater to our smart mobile devices. With such an increasing number of devices, our outlets often fall short, especially when operating multiple devices simultaneously.

As a result, we have no other option than to use multi-pin sockets or extension cords to run several appliances simultaneously. However, little do we realize that this leads to overburdening of the outlets if they are made to perform beyond their capacities.

If you rely on extension cords too much, it’s time to hire an electrician in Burleigh Heads and get new outlets installed or rewiring work done. Overusing your outlets will cause overheating and even lead to fire breakouts.

  • When You See Sparks from Switches or Outlets

If you notice frequent sparks each time you plug or unplug a device, it may indicate there’s an underlying issue that requires a licensed electrician to check. Some of the causes of getting an electric shock every time you plug in a device may include damaged circuits within the device or appliance, unstable or fluctuating electric current, or broken cords.

Calling a professionally trained electrician at the right time may save you from getting electrocuted or your property from catching an electrical fire.

  • Frequent Tripped Fuses

At times, regular tripped breakers may be due to overloading of the circuit. Some home appliances may overload the circuit, including hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, overcrowded extension cords, and kitchen appliances.

However, if you face this issue repeatedly, it’s high time to contact your electrician. Fuses with a history of blowing out now and then maybe a sign of faulty wiring structures.

  • The Lights are Flickering or Dimming Out

Did you notice your light bulbs getting paused or their brightness diminished when running an appliance, such as your hairdryer or your refrigerator? That’s because many motor-driven devices use large amounts of current, and therefore, they should have dedicated circuits to run efficiently without hampering other appliances. It would be best to let a licensed electrician in Burleigh Heads add a line of 20-amp for running those high-voltage appliances.

  • You Sense a Burning or Smoky Smell in the Air

Although the smell could be arising out of anything in or around your room, such as your kitchen. However, if it comes out all of a sudden and you are unable to determine the source, there’s a good chance that some wiring systems may be burning due to overheating. If this happens, immediately turn off the main power supply of your house and call a licensed electrician.

Final Words

Whenever you notice one or more of the above situations, it’s time to contact an electrical expert without delay. Make sure to contact a licensed and experienced electrician while getting vital wire work done to ensure safety and cost-efficiency. Try hiring electricians from reputed agencies or companies like Connection Electrical, who can provide comprehensive and specialized solutions for all sorts of electrical needs.

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