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Here’s Why Marketers Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

With the advent of social media and the growing impact of the Internet, our daily lives have been significantly changed for the better, especially for marketers who work day-in, day-out. Today, marketers seem to benefit the most when it comes to having more productive work experiences, thanks to how far technology has come. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, the value of having the right technology is definitely seen in almost every routine, process, and strategy that you follow.

However, this same technology is also responsible for bearing a few growing pains that also bring difficulty to the lives of most, if not all, professionals.

The difficulties of living in today’s digital world

Although the Internet, social media, and modern technology have all made it possible for start-ups and marketers to reach their customers, these technologies have also injected vulnerabilities into the mix. Some may even say that today is the worst time for marketers because these technologies’ intricacies have made businesses more vulnerable to loopholes and bigger problems.

By now, you’ve probably become accustomed to the fact that today’s marketing landscape’s competitive atmosphere is at its all-time-high. Now that every business and professional has access to the Internet, they are forced to compete for news feed spots and the average user’s dwindling attention span. To combat these problems, marketers must now take their efforts up a notch by working double-time to provide more value and reap even more results while minimizing costs—a drive for flexibility.

How a virtual marketing assistant can help you attain the need for flexibility

With everything that’s going on and all the problems that you’re set to deal with, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to deal with a gargantuan list of tasks. Unfortunately, you’re only one person who can only do so much until you’re forced to compromise quality or burn out in a short period unless you work with a virtual marketing assistant.

As marketing becomes more of a round-the-clock task with no breaks between tasks or room to get away from clients, it pays to have the services of an expert help you out. Once you get an independent and remote marketing specialist that works with businesses on an hourly, contractual, or per-project basis, it will be much easier to manage the tasks on your plate.

Different tasks where a virtual marketing assistant can come in and help

If you aren’t entirely sold on the idea of hiring a marketing VA to help you out, then it’s best to picture just how they’d fit in your operations. To understand how a professional—such as RepStack’s experts—can help you with your daily routine, here are some of the many different tasks they can handle:

Market research

Researching is easily one of the most time-consuming (and occasionally difficult tasks) that one can ever handle. Regardless if you’re dealing with fieldwork for demographics, consumer behaviors, or the next strategy to capitalize on, scouring for data with relation to your market can take up time and leave you with no room to work on other things.

Thankfully, an experienced marketing VA can save your time because they will take over tasks related to market research work, such as:

  • Customer surveys
  • Buyer observation
  • Additional information gathering
  • In-depth interviews with focus groups

Content creation

Another time-consuming yet essential task of the marketing process that a VA can come and help with is content creation. Like market research, this process takes up a whole lot of time that can be equally divided among all other vital tasks on your plate. This is why many marketers have made the shift to letting VAs handle the task instead because of how much time gets saved without compromising quality!


As a marketer with many tasks on your plate, it’s safe to say that you typically find yourself in situations where you can get easily overwhelmed. If you’re at that point where there’s too much to deal with, and you’re stuck with many responsibilities with so little time, there’s no need to worry because a virtual marketing assistant is here to help!

RepStack provides various professionals and dedicated experts with the best and most qualified professional virtual marketing assistants in the United States. If you want to improve your routine, boost your output, and make the most out of your resources, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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