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Here’s Why You Should Consider Purchasing Display Homes

From the nomadic and great Vikings to the finest craftsmanship of Persians, the concept of reflecting their skills in their homes was prevalent for ages. We can say that display homes are prototypical, that is they give us an idea of what builders are capable of even before we hire them up. 

Weeks Building Group helps you understand how a house truly feels. The process of building and redecorating your home can be a little overwhelming, but with Weeks Building Group you don’t have to lose your peace of mind. 

Trust The Professionals!

Efficient home builders are responsible to make that dream into reality. If you are looking for the best new home builders in Adelaide, Weeks Building Group is a perfect choice for you. Presently in the 21st century, where the world is running for modernization and fast growth, the idea of living in a personalized paradise is quite of good taste. 

The feeling of walking through a display home cannot be compared to anything, you get to visualize what your future house may look like. You get an idea of how you want your ambience, spaciousness, design and layout. A display home also shows the calibre of a home builder and their potential of building authentic designs. 

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing display homes:

  • Highest Quality

Since display homes are a great way of judging a builder’s capabilities, they are extra vigilant and ensure everything is perfect and show their best work which ensures that they provide the highest quality in everything they offer. 

  • Great for Investments

If your only purpose in buying a house is for reselling it after a few years then display homes are your thing. Most builders also benefit from the leaseback choice, the homes are given out for rent so it’s a win-win situation where you own a house with zero maintenance cost and also receive rent every month. 

  • Affordable choice

This is the best part about display homes, you can get them at affordable prices. While building a home, a lot of labour work is involved which increases the overall cost of the house but here you would be saving a lot on landscaping. 

  • Leaseback agreement Returns

From display homes, you get higher rental yields as the builder pay rent at commercial rates. The builder is always willing to rent the display home as soon as you buy it as they don’t have to work on other homes and they can show all their expertise with your display home.

  • Quality Neighbourhood 

Most of the time, you may find that the houses in your neighbourhood are display homes. This gives an added advantage if adding a beautiful aura in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood would look excellent and your guest would also consider buying a house nearby. The streets will also be well structured.


Display homes are cost-effective as you will save a lot on property management fees as there will be no requirement for a property manager. The best part about display homes is you always save on taxes as the property is taxed on residential rates but the rents are paid at commercial rates. The above points give a clear understanding of why you should consider display homes.

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