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Hey Fellas, It’s Time to Learn How to Keep Private Parts Clean

Personal hygiene is not an uncommon topic in women’s health. Most women spend hours maintaining the cleanliness of their bodies and genitals. But, male personal hygiene is an unusual topic to discuss.

Personal hygiene is significant in preventing the spread of diseases like STDs. In America, 600 thousand men acquired chlamydia in 2018.

It might be embarrassing to talk about genital hygiene, but it is necessary. If you are looking for a guide on how to keep private parts clean, this one’s for you! Read this article and learn how to keep private parts clean.

Cleaning the Area

Nobody wants a smelly penis. To prevent this, cleaning your genitals is an essential thing to do. Plus, it can also remove bacteria that can cause infection and disease.

In cleaning male genitals, you have to use a mild soap. The skin down there is sensitive. Using soaps that contain harsh chemicals might irritate the skin.

You can also search for great hygiene products for men available in the market. Take note, use genital soaps in limited quantities with lukewarm water.

Make a lather and wash your penis using gentle hands. If you are uncut, make sure to clean under the foreskin. Ignoring this can cause smegma build-up.

Too much smegma can cause bacteria to breed. It can also cause your penis to swell and smell bad.

After washing it with soap, be sure to rinse and pat dry it. Keep your genitals dry by using a cloth made out of cotton.

Change Your Underwear

Another way to keep private parts clean is to wear clean underwear. Choose underwear that is not too tight and uncomfortable. It can allow more ventilation and prevent irritation on your skin.

Make sure that you only choose underwear made out of cotton. Avoid fabrics such as satin or other tight materials that can hurt your penis. Cotton can also absorb sweat, so you don’t have to worry about a smelly penis.

Trim Your Pubic Hair

Trim your pubic hair before you shower. Avoid using chemical hair removers or depilatories. For easier shaving, soak in a bathtub first to soften the hair.

You can also use small scissors and razors to trim your pubic hair. Remember to choose a designated scissor or the best ball trimmer to cut it.


Shaving can cause dryness on the skin. Choose the best male hygiene product to moisturize your genital area.

You can use a fragrance-free oil or cream to sustain the lack of moisture on your genitals. Remember to pick products that are mild and have low chemicals.

How to Keep Private Parts Clean

One way to learn how to keep private parts clean is to do a regular check on your intimate area. Check if there is odor, pain, or itching in your genital area.

If these things persist, you might want to consult a doctor. They can also give you specific advice on how to keep private parts clean.

Remember to practice safe sex and use condoms as well. Cleaning your genitals after sex is also necessary. It will reduce the risk of infection and STDs.

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