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Hi-Tech Toilets: Health and Hygiene in the Bathroom

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted consumers’ preferences, behaviours, and buying habits. Due to the pandemic, we have seen a rapid acceleration of technology and innovation in every industry. Health and hygiene have become extremely important, and consumers are now looking for products that provide them with a healthy lifestyle.

Toilet facilities are gaining a lot of focus when it comes to hygiene. Going to the bathroom in public areas poses health risks; therefore, consumers are looking for the design and technology to help make such places safe and hygienic. Likewise, Duravit toilets help consumers tackle this challenge by adopting touchless technology in the bathrooms. The shower toilet is a concept that allows people to use bidet showers and clean themselves with water that is softer and more hygienic than toilet paper.

The concept of shower toilets has been the most popular in Asia, and now it’s quickly gaining momentum in the European market as well. Luxury toilet brands aim to establish a new standard for bathrooms in Asia, Europe, and America, which is why they collaborate with the best in the business to create toilets with exceptional design and shower comfort. The following are some of the significant features of hygienic touchless luxury toilets:

The Advantages of Touchless Toilets

1.    Slender Design

These toilets are designed flat and slender. The structure curves slightly towards the wall and ends in a sleek silver panel. The technical components of the toilet are miniaturised between the ceramic body and its seat. The bidet component is only visible from inside the toilet.

2.    Three Shower Types for Maximum Comfort

Many touchless toilets have three types of showers that give you maximum comfort. With adjustable water temperatures, they keep you clean and fresh. Also, the wash mode uses a thumping water jet with upward and backward movement to give you a more thorough wash. There is also a specific jet stream for the comfort of women. The toilet seat has the components to control the jet strength and the seat warmth that you can customise according to individual preferences.

3.    It Is Convenient to Operate With a Handheld Remote

The toilet seat lid can be opened and closed with innovative remote controls, and the functions can be carried out from the remote control using its flat buttons. The flush function can be controlled via the remote or on the built-in app. The handheld remote, as well as the toilet, have special LED lights that can be turned on and off, which makes it easy to go in the nighttime. The toilet also has a child safety feature which allows the system to work only when it recognises a “real user.”

4.    Motion Sensor

The toilet seat also has a motion sensor that can automatically close and open through the user ID. The nozzles and spray arm are also automatically cleaned after every use. Every component of the entire unit is removable for effective cleaning and maintaining hygiene and safety of the individuals.

5.    Energy Efficiency

One of the most important features of luxury toilet brands, like Duravit toilets, is that they have an intelligent energy-saving mode that ensures energy efficiency to a maximum.

The pandemic has persuaded designers and manufacturers to create touchless technology that helps users be in minimal contact with other people. And luxury toilet brands have taken up this challenge and come up with solutions and designs to adapt to a world where hygiene and cleanliness are in the spotlight.




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