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HIPAA-compliant Live Chat APIs You Should Use!

Which are the Top-3 Live Chat APIs Compliant with HIPAA

Application programming interface (API) for live chat is a solution for messaging and integrated chat services on a mobile app or website. The HIPAA-compliant Live Chat API healthcare industry is fast adapting to this revolutionary communication and patients are able to directly communicate with healthcare professionals. It is equally important for internal communications in the hospital and clinical staff to have a secure messaging platform in live chat.

A Guide to Build a HIPAA Compliant Chat App (Complete Guide )

Best Practices in Live Chat APIs

HIPAA rules necessary for a live chat on a website are as follows: 

  1. The data centre is located within the United States. Define and understand what protected health information includes or excludes.
  2.  Scrutinize all live chat integrations for example Facebook Messenger and ensure that it is HIPAA compliant chat API. A solution if they are not compliant is to disable search integrations.
  3.  A new feature such as setting up of chat transcription storage can be establish in the healthcare service. An alternative is to turn off this feature entirely. 
  4. Ensure that no attachments are receive or sent by individual 
  5.  control, monitor and update access roles that can use the live chat solution. 

 In particular non-compliance with HIPAA are in the following categories:

  1. sending or receiving information which interpret the protected health information of the patient 
  2. share a  unique medical case of the patient 
  3. describing the prognosis the diagnosis for the course of treatment and symptoms of the patient cannot be sent or receive on the life chat 

 Rules by which HIPAA friendly live chat solutions can be included on your website are as follows:

  1. tips on wellness and health generally can be shared
  2. cost changes, advertising practice processes can be exchanged during live chat 
  3. email addresses, phone number and practice contact information can be share on the chat
  4. Providing further contact details to call or email for personalized help is allowed or permitted in HIPAA-compliant live chat options. 

Choosing HIPAA-compliant live chat option

 New age communication systems such as live chat options are beneficial but vulnerable to security threats. HIPAA-compliant solution providers have to be the partners to integrate with your Healthcare solution.

                  Integrating Live Chat Software Solution for Healthcare: What to Consider?

In order to determine the right partner these following factors have to be considered:

  1. The provider has to comply with the business associate agreement Legislation states that a covered entity will have to give the Assurance from the business associate that the health information shall be protected. Therefore the chat API provider will have to arrive at the conclusion of an agreement with the business associate. All software tools such as API and SDKs have to have functionality. 
  2. This agreement is therefore that every solution provided by the provider is complie with the protective rules of a regulatory organization. The liability is with the BA to acknowledge and follow through with the backup.  The cloud platform has to have a proper rate and valid legal applications for storing the data and Ud complaint hosting infrastructure is in place.
  3. Technical safeguards of a satisfied The cloud environment is the second most important factor in the security practices by the chat API provider. This is especially important for telemedicine apps.  It demands that the technical security features ensure the integrity, security, and privacy of PHI. Access controls are very seriously implemented such that restriction is always imposed and audit controls.  The user and the entity authentication is a very important phase of this rule.

User verification authentication systems focus on the automatic loss of activity so as to protect data from being stolen.

  • For customizable HIPAA compliant chat software in order to choose the right solution providers live chat API features of a virtual waiting room that has teleconsultation, doctor-patient treatment is needed
  • Features for doctors to invite patients and private consultation along with chat voice and video calling. Note-taking and file sharing is also an important feature
  • GDPR HIPAA-compliance and secure capable features, scalable features are very important compatibility features.

Other HIPAA Compliant Direct Communication Methods

Live chat solutions are necessary for today’s real-time communication between healthcare service providers and patients. However, the catch factor here is that these need to follow the HIPAA rules in order to operate the services. A HIPAA-compliant email solution is also considered an advanced and secure method of communication between patients and medical practitioners in the Healthcare system. Providers which cover all the compliant rules can be integrated into your healthcare solution matrix and longer life cycles of communication are established. All emails on such platforms are secure and the product can be configured for emails and complete encryption. Examples of email providers include Microsoft 365 or Google workspace.

Why Does a Chat App for Your Healthcare Platform Require HIPAA Compliance? - Getapkmarkets

 Why Should You use HIPAA-Compliant Chat API?

  1. Improved patient care. Efficiency multiplies because medical professionals are able to arrive at decisions about patient outcomes quicker. Patient satisfaction has improved.
  2. In the Health Insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 a complex set of standards to safeguard patient data are defined. The privacy and protective safeguards are called protected health information and in every type of information – medical record, whether created, disclosed for use in the course of treating a patient or in terms of diagnosis medical bill, identity of the individual security social security number and the birth date are all identified as personal protect health information.
  3. When using a digital healthcare application the process of collection, storage and sharing of PHI has to be compliant with HIPAA rules. Non-compliant providers fined based on severity of security breach and charging and criminal charges being imposed.
  4.  Including a live chat option in a healthcare website demands that it is HIPAA compliant. The use of HIPAA legislation is to ensure protected health information of patients is private and confidential, unless authorized by the patient for use. The need for compliance is articulated in the HIPA Act and covers entities as well as business Associates. Each of the covered entities should have a business associate agreement (BAA). It is the duty of the business associate to cover the entities and ensure that they comply with the privacy rules for information safety.

List of HIPAA Chat API options are: 

Contus Mirrorfly

 Mirrorfly is one of the top three HIPAA-compliant live chat options which operate strict stipulations.  

Build Secure HIPAA Compliant Chat API & SDK for Telehealth Industry

Contus Mirrofly offers HIPAA compliant chat are as follows:

  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Secure and accurate transmission 
  • Secure log-in and complete user control
  • In-app communication between doctor and patient 
  • Internal communications of your healthcare organization is encrypt
  • Communication between nurses, doctors and patients is a closed-cycle that is 24X7

Mirrofly approaches patient data or PHI as sensitive data that cannot be compromised during transmission in a live chat. Hence complete compliance is considered and patients are:

(1) directed towards offline and personalized help when issues are highly complex and demands sharing of such information

 (2) service options that have a tie-up with a business associate than the healthcare provider are the default choice for providers.  

 (3) by using the third-party BA operational flexibility is ensured. 

Hence, incorporating Contus Mirrofly Live Chat API which is HIPAA-compliant, high levels of information integrity, in the communication platform can be achieved


Sendbird offers HIPAA compliant in-app messaging options which means Protect health information (PHI) and electronic PHI can be sent using the Sendbird SDK and API. 

Sendbird, Inc. Logo Vector Download - (.SVG + .PNG) - Logovectordl.Com

The advantage with Sendbird is that it approaches healthcare in-app messaging as a CPaaS(Communication Platforms as a service). This all-fit platform is therefore easy to implement in all types and sizes of healthcare providers – telemedicine, remote care providers, health providers. The platform is built for easy communication on mobiles for patients to easily access providers and improve the outcome of their health. 

The technology Sendbird uses to deliver in-app messaging services is: 

Internet Protocol Chat and Messaging. Since the transmission is encrypte and storage encryption is also possible, this service is compliant with HIPAA and HiTech. 

Working with a Business Associate like Sendbrid simplifies HIPAA communication compliance. This is because BAA, Sendbird, will provide the services, activities, and functions to protect the privacy and safety of PHI, of a covered entity. Therefore, providers will not be technically liable to protect ‘covered entities’ PHI. CPaaS providers like Sendbird will execute their commitment to keep chat discussion between patient and doctor protected and group discussion among specialists are secure, HIPAA compliant and encrypted. 


The dailyblog API allows you to set up WebRtC video and audio calls within minutes. Compliance with HIPAA rules is easy to support with a BAA.  This is a special, secure 

drop-in widget and the provider becomes the BAA. It uses HITECH for HIPAA compliance thereby ensuring enforcement, privacy, security, and notification rules. Thirdly, it provides cross-border support, mobile support, custom UI, Rest API for high-quality voice and video integration, and patient experience. 

Dailyblog - Gipsy Baby

Compliance features:
(1) Call quality 

These adapt to real networks. Tools and features in this app support bandwidth management for several billions of minutes.

(2) Quick integration 

Live chat API with no frontend framework or no framework are flexible for incorporating into any app for audio and video chat. 

It takes 4 lines of code because of custom layouts and workflows that are secure and programmable. 

(3) Highest server and operational security

Data is encrypte when at rest or in transmission, using 2-factor authentication for its own systems and limits access to internal data, stringent audit trails of code deployment, and access. 

Daily blog places a premium on ensuring developers do not reveal personally identifiable information or PHI.  Daily call object features for custom application building are HIPAA compliant. 

All of these live chat providers support key features that deliver healthcare communications that are encrypte. Therefore, providers who fit your ecosystem will empower communications in your healthcare community.


When you use or exchange information on platforms the collection and storage of personal information or chat logs cannot overlook the rules of HIPAA. The reason for the rules being very strict is that unauthorized use results in data breaches and violations. Live chat on the website as well as internal communication will have to have stringent HIPAA compliance policies.

Using the appropriate live chat app provider, delivering encrypted messaging between patient-doctor-providers is critical to being a HIPAA compliant service provider!


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