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Hit and Run Accident: What to do in a parked car accident?

Accidents are the cause of billions of deaths in the world. Some accidents happen due to speeding, traffic rules violations, drunk driving, and whatnot, but what to do if you find your car damaged in the parking lot. This is the worst-case scenario for an accident. There is one possible scenario of a parked-car accident. You might find the contact details of the person who has hit your car. This only happens when luck is on your side, or you must file a complaint or a case to find the person. This article is a quick guide that will give you a brief insight into what to do in a parked car accident

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  • Look for the note 

When the offender hits your parked car, either he will try to fly off or be honest enough to accept the mistake and willing to pay for the damages. The offender usually waits for the car owner to arrive and sort out the expenses or leaves a note with contact details. This is the most positive scenario in parked car accidents. 

Another scenario might be witnessing the offender when s/he is trying to fly off. Instead of chasing the vehicle, try to note down the vehicle’s registration number and the model of the car and file a police complaint. Matthew Mitchell Solicitors is the notable law firm to avail yourself of legal assistance. 

  • Look out for witnesses 

When you find your car damaged in the parking lot, it will be the worst-case scenario. And another bad could be not finding the note with the contact details of an offender or being unable to find the offender. If that’s the case, try to look for witnesses who witnessed the car accident. If you find one, try to get the exact details of the offender or offender’s vehicle. This will help you to find the offender or just help you to progress with the legal inquiry. 

  • File an FIR or police complaint 

Suppose you are unable to spot the offender and unable to find the witnesses. Make sure to click some photographs of the damaged cars and rush to the police station. Then file an FIR against the offender and submit the image proofs. Filing an FIR will escalate the process of claiming the insurance. 

  • Claiming the insurance of a car 

After filing an FIR at the police station, make sure to inform your car insurance company. If a person has been injured during a car accident or there are any records of casualties, then you can claim the insurance for the medical services too. And after all of this, look for a criminal lawyer in Adelaide if you are residing in the province of Adelaide. 

The Bottom Line 

These tips will ensure that you get the right justice if your car was hit while it was parked. Always take help of lawyers when it comes to dealing with legal matters.

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