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Holidays in the Hawaiian Islands Under the Charming Moments

Hawaiian Islands

Holidays in Hawaii – these are my most vivid impressions of traveling and resting in such a different America. I flew to the airport in Hawaii and immediately got to the city of Honolulu, the capital of the state of Hawaii. I plunged into this luxury of sunshine, echoes of the ocean and the hospitality of the Hawaiian islands. A trip to Hawaii is a wonderful vacation, both for the whole family and for a couple of lovers, for a group of friends or for a lonely traveler.

Black sand

My trip to Hawaii began for me with a note on the Internet, where I read about a black beach and saw photographs of black sand. I realized that I definitely need to go there. Sand of this irregular color was formed on the islands due to the fact that they are of volcanic origin. Immediately I am posting a list of beaches where you can get to know this miracle better:

Panalu is the most popular tourist destination. Even a volcanic eruption can leave behind a truly paradise. Here, azure waves quietly slide over the glossy surface of coal sand, and palm trees whisper over all the splendor, against the background of a serene blue sky. And also huge green turtles come here for breeding. The locals helped me take a photo with such a beauty.

Kaimu Beach. I’ll make a reservation right away that you shouldn’t go here with small children. This island was closed to the public for a long time, and to this day it is considered the most dangerous to visit. The authorities are wary of a volcano that constantly reminds of itself, and besides, the waves here are quite high.

Kehena Beach. If you are a nudist and love dolphins, then you are here! It is here that a nudist beach is located, but it is illegal, and many also say that you can admire dolphins here. But in my opinion, there are still places in Hawaii where you can see dolphins.

The best part of a Long Beach whale watching trip with Harbor Breeze Cruises? You never know what you might see! You could catch a glimpse of the majestic Pacific Gray Whale during its annual migration from Alaska. Or, you just might see the incredible Humpback Whale flip breach the surface. No matter the time of day or season, creatures of the sea are never far from view, from Blue Whales, Orcas, Fin Whales, Minke Whales to dolphins, and so much more.

Pololu Valley Beach. You should not swim here – the waves are high, so it is best to take a basket of food with you and breathe the sea air while sitting on the shore, the sensations are the same as having been in South Carolina .

But the largest number of such unusual beaches in Hawaii are located on the island of Maui.

Where else to go in Hawaii

Of course, these were not all the attractions of the Hawaiian Islands. You can argue for a long time about what to see in Hawaii in the first place, or you can just make your own excursion around Hawaii, as I did when I visited New Orleans .

State trip:

The main tourist attraction is, of course, Pearl Harbor. Now there is an active naval base there. Tourists can look at the battleship “Arizona” sunk during the attack from a concrete structure. And also the battleship “Missouri” is on the eternal parking lot nearby.

Russian fort “Elizabeth”. In commemoration of historical events, the fort was named after Queen Elizabeth.

The laboratory where Hawaii’s natural energy is generated.

Royal Konau Resort. Here you can relax, stay in a hotel, take part in cheerful Hawaiian parties. Advantageous to take a double room.

I advise you to look at the Ahuen Heyau temple from afar. They are not allowed inside and on the adjacent territory.

Garden Land

Kauai Island is a garden island. Kauai has a law prohibiting any construction that is taller than palm crowns. Therefore, when you find yourself in Kauai, it is as if you find yourself on a desert island, but when the lack of civilization tires you, you can always stay in one of the hotels that harmoniously fit into the landscapes of Kauai.

You can take a walk along the Kollevo road that runs along the coast. On your way, you will come across an ancient Hawaiian temple, the seat of kings, the first abode of the Christian mission. It is worth such a walk, especially since in addition to such objects, there are more than 25 places worthy of the attention of tourists. I advise you to dine at local cafes. Seafood and fresh fruits are a wonderful accompaniment to the walk.

See the Romanesque building that houses the Bishop Museum. It is interesting.

Hanakapiai, Hawaiian Islands – this is not the place to swim, even if you are an inveterate extreme and a swimmer who has no equal. You should not challenge nature – the local current is stronger than human physical capabilities. And on the sign that warns of danger, not a single crossed out life is already marked. In these locations, observe the ocean from the shore.

I also highly recommend that you hire a Russian-speaking guide to see the sights of the state of Hawaii in full. These are interesting places, and it would be an imprudent mistake to miss the sights or volcanoes of Hawaii in Honolulu.

Where to go to rest

Not everyone has the time and opportunity to reach all cities in Hawaii, as well as the country’s Hawaiian islands. Therefore, I will present each with a list with small comments:

Oahu. If this is your first time in Hawaii, then it is better to get here. There is entertainment for every taste. A full range of Hawaiian leisure services can be found in Oahu. Hotels, resorts, beaches, museums, restaurants.

Maui. The population of the Hawaiian Islands considers this part of Hawaii to be the concentration of beach recreation.

Island of Hawaii. There are places for luxury luxury holidays here; Hawaii hotels are presented in the finest tradition of chic; the best coffee in the world grows here and unique attractions are concentrated. A tour booking limousine service to Hawaii is not cheap entertainment, but worthy.


Kauai. I will repeat myself, but this island is a “genius of pure beauty”, and I would also add purity and tranquility. The cost of living in hotels is quite acceptable for such beautiful places.

Lanai Island is small, but vacation here is designed for millionaires. There are mild climatic conditions, spacious golf courses, scuba diving sites. Excellent cuisine and SPA. Everything for a leisurely and well-paid pastime.

Malakai. Perhaps this is the most authentic island of all. Mass tourism has not reached this place, there is no all-inclusive rest and there are no modern facilities that provide tourists with food and accommodation.

This is how the state of Hawaii is divided into recreation areas.

General information for tourists

Holidays in Hawaii are best planned for the period from December to May.

I am often asked which ocean the Hawaiian Islands are in. The Pacific Ocean washes the coast of Hawaii.

The state capital is the city of Ganolulu. Hotels in Honolulu abound with deals for every budget and there are many interesting places to visit.

The country that owns the Hawaiian Islands is the United States.

Hawaiian cities are open and friendly, but it’s still worth sticking to general tourist spots if you’re not a rookie in the ranks of travelers.

If you think about where the Hawaiian Islands are on the map, then it is quite far from Russia, but not close to the mainland where the United States is located. So when you arrive in the States, you will need another flight to get to your cherished dream.

Tours in October can be purchased at a reasonable price starting from the 10th.

Take a close look at what the tour operator offers especially town car service near you and what included in the price. In Hawaii, hotels offer a wide range of services that can charged at an additional cost.

Hawaii has a rather hot climate, so you should think about your well-being and be sure to collect all the necessary medicines with you before your trip or buy them upon arrival.

The Hawaiian Islands in the photo look, of course, attractive, but in order to experience all the local flavor, you need to learn how to get to the Hawaiian Islands from your region and immerse yourself in the attractive world of the Hawaiian Islands. Private Road to Hana Tours and prices can always found out from the regional operators of the tourist business.

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