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Homework Really Make Sense For Kids During A Pandemic?

Whether it is primary school or grad school, students must deal with complex homework issues that they can’t solve alone. So they need to hire a professional just like for python homework help. Just take a practical example- being a mother of two kids and a teacher in Melbourne, Mia Pink is now over-concerned about homework. Due to the immense pressure of online academic classes and the zero work balance situation, she is no longer a huge fan of kids’ homework. Furthermore, being a teacher, Mia doesn’t support the concept of homework during the pandemic. However, she usually assigns some assignments to her kids that they enjoy and learn.

Online classes

Online classes for new kids are one kind of punishment to them. Not just one- traditional classroom has a lot of beneficial sides for kids. The assignments give an ultimate chance to play in front of their families like they are teaching and commanding the subject. It also enhances family communicating and bonding with parents. Just for this reason, Mia assigns the minimum homework pressure to her school students to be independent learners by themselves. According to Mia, parents must participate in these activities and improve their social skills apart from their busy work schedules.

As the pandemic hit the educational system drastically, Mia has found that traditional homework is more effective than online.

Why have some institutions developed NO HOMEWORK policy in recent years?  

For some years, some schools in Australia, the UK, and the USA have experienced a no-homework policy. Showing up their views on assigning homework that there is no extra side effect of assignment in the long run. According to a famous author of “The Homework Myth,” Alfie Kohn stated that “Who needs Homework?” She added that “there is no absolute evidence of the usefulness of assigning homework.” According to many experts, the study has found the little academic benefit to assigning homework to students before high school. This fact is really doubtful at some points and makes firm questions- is it convenient for kids to study after spending 4 to 5 hours at school?

According to Kohn, homework only brings kids frustration and exhaustion, family conflict, and minor curriculum activities. When kids should play, do various funny activities, experiment and explore nature and make strong bonding with siblings- they have to invest their time in homework. Eventually, they lose the initial playful mind and interest in learning.

     Point to be noted here:

Studies say that assigning free studying for homework is more effective in kids. Allowing kids to read whatever they want can improve their academic performance. Some little free reading is an excellent way from immense coursework pressure or additional online assignments.

Due to the COVID, teachers should be more sensible, considerate of pandemic pressure for kids. It will be a kind and rational approach if teachers start to slow down the continued homework pressure to ease the academic burden. According to Dr. Harris Cooper from Michigan University, homework pressure during this lockdown period has only increased the anxiety and depression among kids and their parents. After all, kids can’t have enjoyed a social life and mingle with their friends. So children’s life has affected a lot during the pandemic. Meanwhile, if they get the homework pressure for primary school- it would not be appropriated.

At this crisis time of pandemic-

Educators and mentors are well-familiar in what works the best. When all homework turned into regular classwork due to mobile learning, teachers and schools got experimental and a little more empathetic towards kids. And most importantly, parents get confused and frustrated with kid’s new academic session. New parents don’t even know how to manage the office from work and academic pressure for kids. Both are like sailing boats without campus.

Some parents don’t encourage the homework issue and take breaks. Some treated homework as their main priority, while some take help from online teachers. But not all students can afford unlimited internet service and a great online learning setup. Smart parents don’t even take any chance and hire experts for complicated python homework help for their kids.

Eva Moore, a teacher at Middle East School in Sydney, Australia, has not been assigned homework in the last 12 years, and she didn’t see any harm in it. Instead, she has been trying to teach students in various ways and with enough time so that her students don’t need to mug up all the lessons thoroughly.

She teaches her kids by using the model and pictorial diagrams so that they can memorize them quickly. Eva also gives extra time to discuss the previous lessons not to forget the past learning. So, it is all about the educational technique she has adopted throughout her teaching years. That’s amazing! Hence, it is proved that there is no need to assign work if the teacher is experienced and invests a reasonable amount of time.

Is the Traditional homework system during classroom coming back in the future?  

Online learning comes with a mixed bag feeling for both- kids and parents. Most parents now prefer the traditional classroom. The question is, what will happen after the pandemic? Will, the teacher, consider the homework factor, or will it remain the same? The recent New York Times reports say many schools in various countries will rectify the homework situation. Mr. Bruce Wills, a teacher of La Serna High school, California, mentioned the students’ academic support and talked about the mental health issues due to immense coursework.

Giving assignment from the very beginning of school life will only increase the burden. This time, parents should focus on their kid’s mental growth and imagination and seek the creative essence. Homework is, of course, a good source of practice. It makes kids more challenging and helps them to solve problems- but there should be some limits.

Training gives them a concurrent routine, but unnecessary work pressure can ruin their innocent childhood. As more and more states start returning to the classroom, we’ll see how much the pandemic and our online has swung the pendulum on school work.

At now of the pandemic, educators are well-versed in what works. When all schoolwork pivoted to homework as a results of remote learning, teachers and schools got experimental and a touch more empathetic with their approach to homework. Some opted to not assign homework in the least , to offer overwhelmed parents a much-needed break.

The stress of the pandemic and going back to class can negatively impact student’s GPA and their span , and to deal with that, teachers got to take under consideration the student’s mental and emotional health.


In this article we tried to put light on varies aspects of homework culture in schools . the article tells how homework is effective to kids in pandemic and views of parents and teacher on this as some parents don’t encourage homework and take break while some take it very seriously and make it priority for kids. Well assignments are good way to make kids revise what they have learned in the day.

Author Bio:

Steven parker is a guest lecturer for a distinguished university in Australia. Parker has pursued his Master’s in Literature from Murdoch University. He’s associated with several philanthropic organizations that work for children’s education. He’s also an expert for and offers custom writing help to students.

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