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How a Merchandise Store Can Improve Your Company: A Closer Look

Did you know that around 45% of businesses fail in the first five years of being in business? If you are a newer business you might be aware by now of how important getting the word out about your business is. This is why investing in a merchandise store might be a smart move.

We have put together this short article to share how having a merch store with some company swag can improve your brand.


One huge benefit of having a merchandise store is that you can spread the word at a relatively low cost. If someone buys something like a coffee mug with your company name and a friend or relative sees it that is great advertising.

Even better are T-shirts that people receive with purchase because that gift will last at least a few months. If they wear it a few times every month you are getting plenty of marketing exposure in your customer’s local area.

Can Double as a Business Card

Another beauty of having online merchandise stores for a company is that they can work as a business card. When you hand out business cards, you are introducing your company to someone, which is comparable to someone that receives company merch. The main difference is that if the merchandise is something they can use, they will continue to see your brand name.

You might want to consider distributing your merch for free to people at events or via contests. This is a perfect way of introducing your company to others for the first time. Keep in mind that for this to be effective you should have your company name along with your company website.

Customer Loyalty

When people receive branded products from a business via an order or at an event they usually become loyal customers. Those customers will probably even share pictures or videos with the branded products on social media which, in turn, will give you referrals from their friends and family.

Something to keep in mind is that you want to offer merchandise that is made of good quality. Handing out cheap items that break easily or feel cheap can give the wrong representation of your brand.

A customer that continues using your merchandise will eventually build some type of emotional connection with the company. This emotional connection will usually have them coming back to buy your products when they need them again because you will be the first company they choose over a competitor.

Ready to Invest in a Merchandise Store for Your Business?

We hope that now that you are aware of how investing in a merchandise store can level up your company brand, you are ready to start designing some fun swag. Now comes the fun part of picking and choosing what merch you want representing your brand and company.

Feel free to keep browsing our business section for our latest tips and tricks.

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