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How Angular is powering the App Store

How Angular is powering the App Store

The modern era of digitization has resulted in the healthy growth of applications and websites. With the advent of more and more users on mobile, the focus has shifted towards single page websites and single-page applications. This in turn has resulted in Angular being one of the most used software since its release because of its immensely powerful features of templating, RESTful API handling, dependency injection, two-way binding, modularization, and AJAX handling which helps in building interactive and dynamic single-page applications.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source, front end web application framework based on type-script. AngularJs, based on JavaScript services, is also a structural framework, for dynamic web apps. HTML serves as the software’s template language and lets the user extend HTML’s syntax for expressing the application’s components with clarity. AngularJS reduces the lines of code you have to write by its data binding and dependency injection. It targets at simplifying the development and testing of the single-page applications by implementing a framework of client-side architectures like a model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view–model (MVVM), along with elements generally utilized in rich web applications allowing users interactive features like drag and drop.

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Angular in powering the app store

Around 10 to 20% of apps in iOS or Android app stores use Angular for development, which is a really big impact on the app development industry. Developers have been in touch with the simplicity and reduced effort that angular needs and thus from lone developers to National Health Services of UK are using Angular as a framework of their app development.

Angular, despite being based on web technologies is gripping fast on the app stores because of the availability of some features in the app store like File System API and Push Notifications which have not still been comfortable to deal with in web technologies. When developers build hybrids app using Angular, they can easily use these features and revert when the APIs are not available.

Thus Angular continues to marvel and dominate the app development industry also.


As is evident from the previous discussions, engineers or developers trained in angular are of high demand and esteem in both app development and web development industries. With around 10 to 20% of the apps across iOS and Android devices using Angular, one can easily understand the scenario Angular is guiding the industry to. Thus, if you are someone thinking of changing a career field or someone at the stage of choosing a career field, Angular is something worth learning.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options available to learn a subject. If you are hoping to learn online, there are available Angular online training courses in numerous searches. Even if you want to learn it via offline mode, training centers around the globe are treating students to get trained in Angular. All you need is just a web search. For example, if you live in Hyderabad, searching Angular js training in Hyderabad shall easily show you the list of training centers offering courses in the said field.

Always remember that a Certificate of Completion is necessary to prove your credibility to your recruiters along with your knowledge. Also if you undergo some experience in project handling, it would surge up your credibility even more.


Angular is an exciting field to develop a career of high prosperity and satisfaction. With its new features, it is a field with a lot to offer and a lot to work on. If you are searching for an appropriate career for yourself in the field of technology, you can be ready to get into the action with AngularJs after pursuing an Angular online training or offline.

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