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How Are Backpacks For Women Becoming An Essential Accessory

Backpacks have always been in vogue. They have seen us through schools, colleges, slumber parties, or even a sneak out. And just like how we have grown up, so have these packs. They hold the world’s burden on our shoulders but have always got your back. Today they are so much more than your travelling buddies who make backpacks an unavoidable essential in every woman’s closet. And with small handbags fulfilling very small of our needs, these backpacks for women have become a woman’s BFF.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1.     At Your Workspace- With technology on the rise, office paraphernalia has changed from books to laptops and iPads. PUMA’s backpacks are a great medium to carry all your possessions in one place. Today women who work irrespective of their designations, from CEOs to entrepreneurs, prefer swapping their handbags for a backpack for its ease of keeping things. While a purse isn’t going anywhere, the safety of maintaining office gear in it and the increase of options from it being just ‘school bags,’ these are increasingly becoming a crucial part of a woman’s wardrobe and one can easily buy women’s backpack online
  1.     Your Travel Confidante – Travel and bags are a classic duo! The space available makes it a one-stop-shop for all your travel emergency needs. Your backpack is ready to make your travel hassle-free, from your workstation (laptop) to your essential skincare, food, water, a clean change of clothes, and more. So choose that backpack with ample compartments for organising all your travel basics but make sure you do not overdo it with unnecessary items you would not end up using. As it is said, travel light, live light.  
  1.     Better Ergonomically – A backpack is designed such that it distributes its weight throughout your back, ensuring a proper balance is maintained. The padding on both the back straps softens the importance of the bag, making sure our muscles, spine and back are relaxed while carrying the backpack around. While travelling in a crowded space, you can always hang your bag on the front rather than the back to be extra careful. A modern woman prefers a stress-free lifestyle. She is more self-aware, strong, and independent while multitasking, and that is precisely what a backpack gives her.
  1. Mommy’s Choice – For mothers travelling with their kids, backpacks are ideal for them to keep their arms free and allow them to be more focused on the children than their belongings. A backpack for women will enable you to optimise its space aptly with everything kept in compartments making it easier for mums to reach for what they need. The sizes, compartmentalization, and fabrics make it an excellent pick when you don’t care for the weather or the traffic because your backpack has sorted you out. And with multiple sizes and designs available in the market today for all ages, you and your kid can always pair up with your backpacks.
  1.     Fashion Statement – Bags have always been in fashion, and backpacks for women today can be an eye-catcher if styled well and correctly. Women have moved from the stereotypical female way of dressing and are experimenting with athleisure wear due to its comfort and functionality. Backpacks for women go quickly with this clothing style, and with the sizes and designs available, you have plenty of options to select from. So, if you got no pockets in your outfit today, don’t worry. You still have your backpack to your rescue.
  1.     Ease Of Managing – Backpacks for women are synonymous to ease of management thanks to their ergonomic design. They are an excellent pick for travelling, going to a game, or even a cafe you might write out of. Rather than multiple strapping bags on you, like a bag stand or dragging a hefty suitcase from home to work, a backpack allows you enough space to carry your essentials without compromising on the size. And while your man might not mind moving your bag, a heavy side bag can be just as painful for him as it is for you; a simple backpack swap allows him to carry it for you just as chivalrously and painlessly.
  2.   Avoid The Pickpocket Gang – New in the city? The right backpack can ensure your essentials do not get in the wrong person’s hands. Backpacks for women are made with sturdy zip locks that ensure that the pickpocket does not get to your travel documents, electronics or cash. For added safety, lock your backpack so that even the hustle of a busy city can not allow the thief to steal your precious travel essentials.  

Why ‘Backpacks for Women’? –

Both men and women can wear backpacks, but backpacks for women are designed specifically for the ladies out there with narrower shoulder bases and straps on them. The size of the backpack accommodates women with smaller frames and considers the contours of the back to provide comfort all day long. The design also considers avoiding chafing and bruising on the shoulders, back, and underarms.

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