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How blocked drains are not good for your family?

Cleaning your homes is highly essential for the safety of all. However, there are many parts of the home which we don’t ponder upon that too need cleaning. The drainage system is one of the less noticed things which require your attention. There are many reasons which can complicate the drainage system if you don’t take care of it. 

A blocked drain can cause various health issues which can put your family under a great threat. This is the reason that should always have plumber Liverpool professionals on their speed dial that will help you tackle the situation better.  

Common reasons for facing blocked drainage system  

No wonder, the main system of the home completely relies on pipes as well as a drainage system. But here are some of the reasons mentioned below which can cause blocked drainage systems:  

  • Putting in uneven things in toilets as well as skins – This is the major reason which can cause a blocked drainage system. Putting in uneven things like wipes, toilet paper, facial bags, etc. can cause thing issues. This is the reason one should be careful in the washroom so that it doesn’t get blocked in the drainage system.  
  • Tree roots – Not many people ponder upon this fact but big tree roots can get stuck in the drainage system and can block everything. Also, one can face cracked pipes due to this reason and further face leakage.  
  • Pipe issues – The blockage of drains can also be faced due to pipes. They might break down or new replacement which is why you are facing blockage of drains. Thus, getting rid of this issue by fixing them is mandatory via the help of plumber Liverpool experts.   
  • External items – The drainage system can also get blocked due to external items. These items can be leaves, stones, as well as debris that can block the drainage system. Also, such items can pour paint down the grates of the system. However, one can try covering the grates of the drainage system to avoid facing this issue.  

Harmful effects of having blocked drainage system 

It is super simple to get your drainage system blocked. Any unnecessary objects or things can get stuck in them over some time if you don’t take the necessary precautions. With proper precautions and getting the pipes cleaned one can make a big difference.  

Here are some of the harmful effects of having a blocked drainage system:  

  • Unpleasant smell – If the drains of the home get blocked, water, as well as other wastage, gets trapped in the pipes. The stagnant water as well as sewage results in an unpleasant smell. This can further affect the health of your family and can cause issues like headaches, nausea, and other things.  
  • Structural damage – The flow of water can get hampered due to blocked drainage. This can further affect the foundations of the home. The water can get seeped into the foundation of the home which can do severe damages to the home. This is the reason that one should get help from plumber Liverpool professionals.  
  • Increase in molds as well as pests – If the water is standing due to blocked drainage, it is the best spot for pests as well as molds. This can lead to an increase in germs and other diseases. This is the reason that one should avoid having blocked drainage in their homes.  
  • Leakages – When the pipes get blocked, the water can reach anywhere inside the home due to the pressure built. This further causes the pipes to leak or burst. The leaking water can cause a rise in bacteria, mold, as well as mildew. Getting the drainage system cleaned is the best solution.  
  • Slow drainage – This is the most evident effect of facing blocked drainage in your house. The waste accumulated in the drainage system leads to a slow down of water as well as a clogged drain. To get rid of the slow drainage system, one should hire Plumber Liverpool professionals. Otherwise, the slow drainage will lead to water flowing backward as well as bubbling up.  
  • Contaminated water – Another harmful effect of a blocked drainage system is contaminated water. This is because when clean water gets through the blocked drainage pipes. The water can’t get through them and it flows backward. Thus, the water gets contaminated and gets dirty which can further cause various health issues.  

Tips to get rid of blocked drainage system  

Facing a blocked drainage system is not something a homeowner wishes to face. This situation can be very confusing yet tiresome. Many people don’t pay attention to the drainage system until it gets blocked. So, to avoid facing blocked drainage system, here are some of the effective tips that you need to follow right now:  

  • Drain strainer – Debris and other external particles clogging the drain are the most common reason. To prevent this, it is essential to use a drain strainer. This is a stainless steel thing that one can place in front of the drainage system. It is easily available at any hardware store. The drain strainer will keep all the small-size objects away from the drain pipes. There are various types of drain strainers that one can opt for.  
  • Cooking grease – Many homeowners dispose of their cooking grease in the sink of the kitchen which can block the drainage system. It is not solid but can easily stick to the walls of the pipes and can build up with time. This way the water faces a hard time passing through the pipes leading to other issues. Thus, as per plumber Liverpool professionals, one should dispose of their cooking grease in the dustbin rather than the kitchen sink.  
  • Pour hot water – Even after being cautious, if one still faces debris stuck in the drainage system then it is time to pour hot water in the kitchen sink. It is the kitchen sink that can accumulate a lot of small debris and other things. By pouring hot water one time a week, the grease built-up and other small particles will flow down easily. However, one needs to be careful while doing this. Otherwise, one might get burns.  
  • Pipe inspections – Another thing that is mandatory to follow by all homeowners is to get their pipes inspected by plumber Liverpool professionals. Some drainage issues might not be able to see immediately. But getting the pipes inspected by professionals will help you recognize the issues and work on them. However, ensure that you are hiring a professional who has the proper license and is experienced to deal with tough drainage issues.  
  • Avoid flushing non-toilet paper – This is a very common reason that blocks the drainage system. Flushing anything other than toilet paper can put you in trouble. Also, flushing down sanitary products can be handled as they can pass through the drainage system. Therefore, avoid flushing non-toilet paper or objects.  


Blocked drains are not a situation that happens every day in your home. Thus, getting the help of plumber Liverpool professionals is highly essentials. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get to the core of the issue without their help. Also, you might keep your family’s help in great danger because of health issues caused by blocked drains.  

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