How Can a Steering Wheel Lock Keep Your Car Safe From Theft?

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Car theft is a problem that affects drivers all over the world. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 1 million car thefts each year. Most of these thefts are for Joyriding, which is the act of stealing a car for the sole purpose of driving it around for fun.

However, some stolen cars are used to commit other crimes, such as bank robberies and drive-by shootings. Additionally, many stolen cars are sold to unsuspecting buyers, unaware that the vehicle is stolen property.

Regardless of the motive, car theft is a severe crime with devastating consequences. Not only does it cause financial hardship for the victim, but it also puts innocent people at risk. Fortunately, there are steps that drivers can take to protect their vehicles from thieves.

Some simple precautions, such as installing an alarm system or engraving your VIN on all your windows, can deter even the most determined thief. By taking these measures, you can help to put an end to car theft. Some people rent vehicles because they feel safe while driving; others just want to experience the luxury.

Whatever the reason, it is recommended that you get a steering wheel lock to reduce the risk. Secondly, the area you will visit, if it is an area with a higher crime rate, having it attached to your car can help too.

Most of us have heard about this steering wheel lock but do not know what it is and how it works.

What Is a Steering Wheel Lock?

A steering wheel lock is a visible device that, when attached to the steering of a car, can make the car safe. How does this work? It is sometimes made of metals and a plastic covering, and its main purpose is to make the steering stiff. 

How Can a Steering Wheel Lock Keep Your Car Safe From Theft?

Most steering wheel locks consist of a metal rod or bar that attaches to the steering wheel and prevents it from being turned. Some models also include a cable that runs through the spokes of the wheel and attaches to the floor or seat, making it even more difficult for a thief to drive away with your car. 

While steering wheel locks cannot guarantee that your car will not be stolen, they can make it much more difficult for a thief to drive off with your vehicle. As a result, they are an important tool in helping to deter car theft.

Pros of Steering Wheel Lock?

Sometimes we drive our cars around, but other times the vehicle may be rented. Some of us rent cars from car services, which you can do easily if you are in the US. We mentioned the US because there are some proven car services, especially if you’re looking to get used cars near Raynham

Not trying to stray, but the security of our cars is one thing we seek. Whether it is your car or a rented one, you must pay attention to securing it.  The steering wheel lock is vital in keeping your car safe. When added to the steering, it will not be able to move, making the vehicle useless until it is unlocked.

It’s only in movies that steering gets cut before they steal cars. In real-life, a thief will not have all the patience to focus on removing the vehicle’s steering. We like our steering locks because they are:

  • Tough

The Steering wheel withstands high pressure due to its quality construction. It is made of strong metals and cannot break without massive force.

  • Easy to Use

This is one thing you will have to take note of; the steering wheel lock is something anyone can use. Even a kid of 7 years or my granddad of 80 years will be able to use it if the dealers show them how to use it.

  • Universal Fit

Some of them have this fit that can go with all cars. An example is the  FLK Tech lock. Experts recommend you check a review on that before you get one. 

  • Affordable

This is the best part for me about this steering wheel lock, aside from the fact that it secures our cars, it is also very cheap. This makes it very easy for us to get it since it is pocket friendly.

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The important points about a steering wheel lock have been written down in detail, now we will tell you about the cons.

Cons of Steering Wheel Lock?

Here, our focus is going to be on some steering wheel locks and some disadvantages that can be associated with them.  There are different types of Steering wheel locks, and below are some types and their cons.

  • Disklok

Before now, this article talked about some universal steering wheel locks, but this one is not a part of them. And aside from that, it has a bulky construction. So, if you are uncomfortable with how large it is, you could go for another.

  • The Club 3000

These types are easy to spot, one of their nifty features. It is strong and safe but has a bad side in the cold season. It can get water locked, which can delay you if you are in a hurry. This is not a problem if you know the right things to do, like keeping it out of the reach of the water. Another good way is to apply lubricants to make it work better.

  • The CL303

Amazing and pocket friendly, but it still has some downside. It does not fit larger cars and also has some fallible materials. This kind is unique but be sure to be with graphite in case it gets stuck. Also, the graphite will help lubricate it.


This article aims to make us understand how easy it is to secure our cars.

One of the best ways is to invest in a steering wheel lock. This will make it much harder for thieves to drive away with your car. It would be best if you also considered getting an alarm system installed. This will help deter thieves and call attention to any attempts at break-ins.

Another great tip to keep your car safe from theft is to park it in a garage. No garage? park in a well-lit place.

Finally, always lock your doors and windows when leaving your car unattended. By taking these simple precautions, you can help to keep your car safe from theft.

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