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How Can Relative Humidity Affect Wooden Floors? Learn More

In case you’re not aware, relative humidity can easily affect wooden floors. The manufacturers of wooden floors always recommend keeping the relative humidity levels inside your home to be within 35 percent and 55 percent. While at the same time, manufacturers of windows recommend keeping the relative humidity percent restricted to 30, especially during the winter season. 

If the relative humidity of your home is extremely high, then it can lead to condensation on your walls, windows and floors. Therefore, professional floor sanding in Melbourne services suggests it’s vital that you follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure that there’s no excess humidity in your home interiors. 

Methods To Maintain Relative Humidity Inside Your House

  • Covering The Windows

One of the best ways to ensure that the relative humidity of your interior space stays within limits is by covering up your windows. When you cover up your windows, the outside hot or cold air will not be able to affect your window glass or panes. Moreover, any penetration of sunlight will not fall on your wooden floors through the windows. 

As a result, there will be no heating or cooling of your windows, thereby leading to lower rates of condensation. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about lower relative humidity and your wooden floors will remain safe. 

  • Using A Thermostat

Using a thermostat, you can easily lower or raise temperatures within your homely environment. Nowadays, automatic thermostats are also available, which will auto control the temperature inside your home, thereby needing you to do less work. 

The best way through which you can avoid the relative humidity get higher inside your home is by programming your thermostat in such a manner that the difference in temperature between your outside environment and inside (home) environment shouldn’t be more than three degrees Celsius. 

The lower the difference in temperatures, the lower will be the relative humidity. Moreover, it will be beneficial for your wooden floors. So, professional floor polishing in Melbourne services points out that if you haven’t got a thermostat yet inside your house, it’s critical that you own one. 

  • Winterise Your Windows

When you install newer windows inside your home, they’ll always be highly effective in reducing condensation because they have in-built argon gas in them. In case you have older windows, you can easily eliminate condensation by using window plastic sheets. You’ll not only be able to save your interiors from condensation but also your hard-earned money by having lower monthly heating bills. 

Having said that, if you have wooden floors and want to provide them with a makeover by polishing them, don’t forget to contact us. We provide professional floor polishing services that are reliable & high-quality. 

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