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How Can You Remove Wax Stains Out Of Your Carpets?

If you have accidentally spilled wax on your carpet – either from a candle or any other sources – then you should not have any reasons to worry about it. 

There’s no reason to panic because we are going to share some nifty tips & tricks on how you can remove them efficiently from your carpet. 

Steps To Remove Wax Stains Out Of Your Carpets

  • Gather Your Materials

Before you start your wax removal process, it’s essential that you obtain all your necessary materials. Professional carpet cleaning in Christchurch suggests the following items:

  1. Two towels
  2. An iron
  3. A rice bag
  4. A vacuum cleaner
  5. A carpet cleaner
  6. A butter knife
  7. A bag made of brown paper
  • Wax Freezing

The first job would be to freeze the wax, which would prevent it from getting embedded into the carpet fibres. As a result, you’ll be able to remove the wax from the carpet quickly. 

You can perform this by positioning the bag of ice onto the wax and thereby covering it entirely. Then you need to wait for a few minutes to allow the wax to get solidified. Ensure that you use a towel to prevent the other areas of your carpet from getting wet from the ice. 

  • Wax Scrapping

Once the wax has been solidified, it’s your time to scrape off the wax from the carpet. Ensure that you scrape off as much as you can, using your butter knife. By removing a majority of the wax from the carpet will make your job easier later on.

  • Wax Heating

After you’ve scrapped the remaining wax, it’s time to remove the little bits that are still stuck onto the carpet fibers. To do this you’ll need to turn ON your iron at a low temperature because too hot iron can damage your carpet fibers. If you want to appreciate the best results, then it’s better to avoid steam irons. 

To perform this process, you’ll need to first place the brown paper bag onto the affected area and then run the iron over it. This will not only melt the iron but also make the wax stick to the paper bag, thereby removing the leftover wax particles. 

  • Clean & Vacuum

Once you’ve removed the wax from the carpet, it’s time to perform the final cleaning procedure. You can use the carpet cleaning solution for your task. After cleaning and once the carpet dries up, it’s time to vacuum it fully. 

We hope you loved our extensive guide on the removal of wax from your carpets and if you’re in need of competent & efficient carpet cleaners who can do this job more diligently, be sure to connect or converse with us right away. 

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