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How Can You Use Expired Domains for SEO?

The use of expired domains for SEO is a great idea.

In this post, I am going to explain how can you use expired domains for SEO? SEO is one of the important parts of Digital Marketing. You should have a piece of full knowledge of SEO.

What are expired domains? 

Expired domains are the ones that are already registered by businesses or individuals but are not renewed after they are terminated due to no payment or non-renewal of contract.

These domains are always available for restoration. This mostly happens due to non-payment of the renewal charges.

The reason for non-renewal could be any maybe someone has dropped the idea or their project failed.

Are expired domains of any help? 

Expired domains with existing backlinks are found to be attractive for SEO. The keywords of the domain can also be of interest to many.

Many expired domains may contain relevant or attractive keywords for others. From utilizing the expired domain from running one’s website or business to using it for SEO purposes these can be of great benefit if used correctly.

Are expired domains useful for SEO?

You can’t use the expired domains for SEO solely as an individual strategy, but it can be used, to boost your SEO results with the right tactics.

So expired domains work well only when used in the right way.

These expired domains are worth using when they fit in the following criterion:

  • Expired domains with a quality backlink profile
  • These must be with un-optimized anchor text
  • These domains must be relevant to your website (having relevant keywords)
  • Must not be used for spamming

This criterion is important when making use of expired domains for SEO.

how to use expired domains for seo

How to use expired domains effectively? 

Let’s see some useful tips for effectively using expired domains.

  • Start a website using the expired domain

If you are interested in starting a website or a blog, using an expired domain can be a great use. You can search for an expired domain from your interested niche with relevant keywords of your interest.

These expired domains can be helpful in boosting up the website’s or blog’s growth.

The expired domains with a good quality of backlink profile are more helpful in the growth of your website from an SEO point of view.

You can monitor the faster growth of your blog, or website with tools like Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, and other tools & services.

  • Construct SEO friendly Public blog networks

You might have heard about private blog networks. Private blog networks are considered as a black hat SEO technique when used in the wrong way.

This technique has affected many websites with google penalty. Though this is not a purely black hat technique but the way you use decides it. Hire an SEO company in Georgia, the USA to grow your business.

In this case, Google does not appreciate the use of Private Blog Networks or PBN’s. So the correct way is to make it public and let everyone know that you run all those blogs.

  • Merging using 301 Redirecting

One of the popular methods of SEO with great value is 301 redirecting. This could be a little risky but will be beneficial if went correctly.

The 301 redirecting refers to using the expired domain to redirect the audience to the main domain. The blogs looking for enhancing domain quality and do well with tough competition uses this technique.

how to use expired domains for seo
Characters of people holding internet search icons illustration

The 301 redirects not only redirect the audience but also the SEO value from the expired domain and transfer it to the main website.

It is also important that both domains should be in the same niche.

Will google object on using 301 redirects?

The answer is NO. 301 directs isn’t any crime and google does not have any problem with the same. It is instinctual in web development and SEO strategy.

This is also because many times the reason for this is more genuine than using it for SEO purposes. For example, a change of domain or a newly updated blog or website.

No one would like to update things at the price of losing the result of all their efforts. For them, 301 redirect is a boon.  

  • Avoid overuse of expired domains

Google does not object to the use of expired domains, but the overuse can cause a problem for your website.

Google is straightforward with its terms and does not support any form, of overuse concerning the keywords, backlinks, and expired domains.

Final words

Using expired domains, exceeding the number of the naturally earned domain will make you look suspicious to Google.

It is better to use it for a limited time with the right tactics to boost SEO results but avoid overuse and long term use.

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