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How Developing a Smart Contract MLM Like Million Money Helps Entrepreneurs Scale Their Business?

How Developing a Smart Contract MLM Like Million Money Helps Entrepreneurs Scale Their Business?

Digitization is becoming inevitable with each passing day. With COVID-19 propelling the need among people to find an alternate income source, MLM businesses are gradually gaining the spotlight. Although enterprises have handled the core idea of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing for so many years, the market has gained a new shape. It has expanded its audience base due to the introduction of Smart contracts & blockchain technology. 

With cryptocurrencies becoming common in today’s world, one cannot think of any other legitimate way to yield 1500 ETH within 100 days. Traditional MLM businesses come with numerous disadvantages like, 

  • Numerous scam issues 
  • High rejection rates
  • Involvement of intermediaries 
  • Lack of transparency 
  • Long transaction hours 
  • Lack of credibility 
  • And many more 

The fall of traditional MLM businesses has led to the massive rise of Smart Contract MLM platforms like Million Money, Etrix, Forsage, etc. 

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to establish your presence in the exponentially-growing MLM business vertical with a world-class Smart contract MLM like Million Money? This blog discusses the enticing characteristics and the highly remunerative compensation plans that make a platform like Million Money indispensable to the entire MLM ecosystem. 

Million Money – A Quick Glance 

Million Money is a Smart Contract MLM platform that leverages Ethereum blockchain for its seamless functioning. The system runs efficiently on Smart Contracts & Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the need for intermediaries or any controlling authority. 

Million Money is a pioneer when it comes to decentralized MLM platforms and is known for its 100% transparency. In the case of Million Money, the Smart Contract is open-source and transparent, paving the way for traceability of assets. Ethereum blockchain ensures that the platform is entirely hack-proof and reliable in every aspect. 

The platform enables a risk-free way for participants to earn 1500 ETH every 100 days. The massive reception of Million Money has encouraged numerous entrepreneurs to stroll down the same path and boost their revenue in no time. 

Riveting characteristics 

A blockchain-powered Million Money clone comes with enticing characteristics that enhance customer engagement rates and inculcates trust and reliability among the audience. Some of the crucial elements include, 

  • Decentralized, fully-automated system: The entire system is entirely decentralized, eliminating the need for a controlling authority or intermediaries. This way, the platform becomes fully-automated, leading to hassle-free execution. 
  • Seamless P2P transfers: The platform facilitates lightning-speed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fund transfers. This way, participants needn’t wait for the processing of withdrawal requests.
  • No hidden costs: The only payment that participants make is the single down-payment fee during registration. Thus with no hidden charges involved, participants take home their earnings effortlessly. 
  • Transparency & traceability: Due to its self-executing nature, the system is entirely transparent as every transaction is initiated and recorded on a global ledger. Similarly, the platform provides 100% traceability of assets. 
  • Hack-proof system: The introduction of blockchain ensures that the platform is entirely hack-proof, leading to high-level security throughout the ecosystem. 

Lucrative compensation plans 

During the Million Money MLM clone app development, it is highly essential to introduce profitable matrix schemes to attract a wide range of audiences. Users can earn from two tiers of matrix compensation plans. They include, 

1st Tier Matrix Compensation Plan 

In the 1st Tier of Matrix compensation, there are five levels, wherein a participant introduces a total of 62 referrals. This plan requires an entry fee of 0.03 ETH. Let’s discuss the five levels in detail here, 

  • Level 1: In this level, 2 positions have to be filled. By paying the entry of 0.03 ETH, users earn 0.06 ETH via referrals. 
  • Level 2: This level requires the filling of 4 positions. Users pay 0.05 ETH to enter the level and receive 0.2 ETH per position. 
  • Level 3: This level requires 8 positions to be filled. Users who pay 0.1 ETH as entry maximize their earnings by receiving 0.8 ETH per position.
  • Level 4: In this level, there are a total of 16 positions. By paying 0.4 ETH at entry, users receive 0.4 ETH for every successful position. 
  • Level 5: There are a total of 32 positions at this level. A simple entry of 1 ETH enables users to earn 1 ETH for every filled position. 

2nd Tier Matrix Compensation Plan 

This 2nd Tier matrix compensation plan is similar to that of the 1st tier, except for the fact that the entry fee in Level 1 begins at 2.5 ETH, rising all the way up to 40 ETH in level 5. 


Thus it is clear from the above that the market scope for MLM businesses will expand in the upcoming years. With enticing characteristics that appeal to the audience and lucrative compensation plans, the entirely decentralized Smart Contract MLM like Million Money can help entrepreneurs scale their business in no time. Do not hesitate any longer as the market forecasts exponential growth in the near future. Reach out to an app development company, and initiate your clone app development today.

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