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How do I Choose the best Engineering College ?

Best Engineering College in Meerut

Best Engineering College in Meerut

The world is competing for innovation & supremacy, thus prompting us to create skilled engineers. No country can grow without excellent engineers.

The rapid strides made by Germany & Japan is a testimony for having good engineering education in the country.

We know that engineering is the backbone of the country’s growth & development. Countries like Taiwan have grown by having a manufacturing economy.

We cannot deny the achievements made in Science & technology by the Chinese.

Sri Venkateshwara University under VGI fosters education that is innovative & experiential. We endeavor to create an ecosystem that fosters research for innovation & application.

We designed our engineering workshops in collaboration with industry to nurture futuristic engineers, thus making us the best engineering college in Meerut.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure inspires young minds to innovate, thus making us the best B.Tech colleges in Meerut.

We have equipped the labs with current systems that inspire skilled engineers to work on the latest technologies.

The library is a repository of knowledge stocked with 7000 books & e resources that stimulate research, making us the best B.Tech colleges in Meerut.

The knowledge dispersion happens through well ventilated classrooms furnished with AV aids that help learn. VGI’s seminar hall allows seminars by experts who guide students on the current trends in engineering.

core engineering labs

We have supplied the core engineering labs with hi-tech machines that refine the skill set, making us best engineering colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

With the government emphasizing on ‘Make in India’, the industry is looking towards academicians for engineers who can innovate.

design skills

SVU under VGI fosters engineers who are equipped with the design skills, thus making us the best B.Tech colleges in Meerut.

Over the decade, there has been a mushrooming of technical institutions that produced engineers who were ill trained. This has led to a notion that engineering is losing its shine.

We commit SVU under VGI to the cause of making India an innovation hub by adopting research based learning, to make us the best B.Tech colleges in Meerut.

The role of the faculty is crucial in imparting knowledge. SVU under VGI has hired the best in class faculty who are adept at application, making us the best B.Tech colleges in Meerut UP.

They have years of industrial experience necessary for passing on the desired skills. The faculty trains to apply the concepts in labs & understand the topic.

faculty members

Our faculty members have published several research papers in leading journals is an assertion of their abilities.

Majority of faculty members are doctorates who convey research based learning, making us the best B.Tech colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

As per the AICTE report, only 30 percent of Indian engineers are employable. They lack the hands-on skills required by the industry.

Lack of hands-on skills is the reason for poor employability of engineers. Knowledge without practice is ineffective. SVU under VGI offers compulsory internship at leading companies.

We have tied up with industries for the internship of the students. Students gain the practical skills indispensable for placement, thus making us the best engineering college in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Majority of the students get placed after internship that asserts our commitment to experiential learning.

The course delivery at VGI is student centric. We involve students in the learning process to improve their understanding. Students learn through case studies, projects & by making prototypes in the labs.

We are providing project labs in each department that enable students to work on the new projects, making us the best engineering colleges in Meerut UP.

Students take part in the innovation festival that is organized to encourage new discoveries & foster skills.

SVU under VGI has a curriculum that is aligned as per industry needs. We teach what they require in the industry. This way we include the desired topics & remove the outdated ones. We are offering B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data Science & Internet of Things, among others.

This practice entitles excellent placement, making us the best engineering colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP

Courses Offered


SVU under VGI offers the following courses


  • Diploma in Engineering
  • B Tech
  • M Tech
  • BCA
  • MCA


Career Prospects


The institute offers 3 years Diploma in Engineering in –


  • Computer science,
  • Civil,
  • Mechanical,
  • Electronics & communication,
  • Mechanical (Production, Automobile, R&M),
  • Electrical,
  • Chemical &
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning.


Board of apprenticeship Training (NR) under the Ministry of HRD & Department of Higher Education, Government of India (GOI) has approved our diploma programs.


Diploma in Engineering

The Diploma prepares the student for a career of his choice. With India becoming the innovation hub of the world, a Diploma Engineer finds lucrative employment, making us the best engineering college in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

With rising incomes, A.C. penetration has increased. This has prompted companies to hire specialists for refrigeration & air-conditioning. The practice oriented course prepares the student to be an efficient air-conditioning engineer.

This trade has tremendous scope in Arab countries, opening immense possibilities, thus making us the best B Tech Colleges in Meerut UP.

 Best Engineering College in Meerut

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech),

We offer B. Tech in –

  • Computer science,
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering &
  • Civil Engineering

The B Tech is the most sought after course, as engineers develop technologies for the welfare of society.

 Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

 Over the years, the demand for computer engineers has increased. With India being the IT hub of the world, a career in Computer Engineering is stable & rewarding.

The college has sophisticated labs, dedicated servers, interdisciplinary courses to produce quality computer engineers, making us the best colleges for B Tech in Meerut UP. We lay emphasis on live projects so that students can apply concepts in actual situation.

 Mechanical Engineering (ME)

 Mechanical engineering opens the gate for career as –

  • Automobile engineer,
  • Design engineer,
  • Industrial engineer,
  • Thermal Engineer,
  • In product design & development,
  • CAM,
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • ·Material engineer.

Companies pay mechanical engineers well & they enjoy a stable career.

 Civil Engineering (CE)

We require civil Engineers to develop the living & travel landscape of the country. With scarcity of space, high-rise buildings are the need of the hour. With India undergoing rapid infrastructure changes, civil engineers are in high demand.


The fast expressways & highways connecting the length & breadth of the country have augmented the need for a B Tech in Civil, making us the best colleges for a B Tech in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

 Electrical Engineering (EE)

Electrical engineers design circuits for electrification & for reducing power loss. With GOI emphasizing on Electric Vehicles, a B Tech electrical is a hot career. Companies the world over are investing in R & D to develop electric vehicles.

Skilled electrical engineers will develop the next electric car which will be a gift to humanity, making us the best B Tech colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

Electronics & communications engineer will develop the next generation smartphone. With India amid a communication revolution, a B Tech in electronics is highly employable.

Countries the world over are striving to develop 5G & 6G technology. This opens up a plethora of job opportunities for electronics engineer.

A skilled electronics engineer finds many opportunities in telecom companies, making us the best engineering colleges in Meerut UP.

 Master of Technology (M. Tech)

The two years M Tech course in Civil engineering offers specialization in –

  • Highway Engineering
  • Structure Engineering
  • Environment engineering.

M Tech is also available in –

  • Information Technology (IT),
  • ·Computer Science,
  • Mechanical engineering with a specialization in (Thermal, production & Mechanical core),
  • Electrical Engineering (Power System & power electronics) &
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in (EC Core & VLSI).


An M tech opens up a career in research & teaching. We employ them in the R & D department for developing new technologies. They can take up positions as Research Head in engineering consultancies fast setting up offices in the country.


We offer a 3 years BCA & MCA course & a 1 year PGDCA course.

A BCA can pursue a career in business process outsourcing, software development & networking. Similarly, MCAs can find lucrative options as –

  • Software developer,
  • Technical lead,
  • Principal Architect,
  • Full stack developer
  • Database administrator.
  • Cloud Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • IT Architect
  • Software Consultant
  • Manual Tester
  • Network Engineer
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Project Manager

The excellent infrastructure helps to refine their application skills, thus making us the best B Tech colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

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