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How do Singing Bowls help in meditation, and what metal is it?

With the modern pace of life, stress, anxiety disorder, and even depression have become our constant companions. There are many ways to deal with them, ranging from sessions with a psychologist and ending with taking medications. 

However, experts are increasingly saying that meditation helps to reduce the level of anxiety and find harmony. Among the most mysterious and fascinating practices is meditation with the help of singing brass bowls.

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What is a Singing Bowl?

Different Singing Bowl Terminologies

Brass Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Bell

Chakra Singing Bowls

Meditation with Singing Bowls

How do singing bowls help in meditation?

Who is this meditation for?

Benefits of Singing Bowls


What is a Singing Bowl?

The Singing Bowl is an ancient musical instrument previously used by Buddhist monks for conducting cult rituals and meditations. The first mentions are noted in sculptures and images.

The very first singing bowl was created in Mesopotamia, around 5000 years back. These bowls were listed in the old artisan crafts in human history. However, there was folklore regarding the craftsmen behind singing bowls for centuries. Unfortunately, people’s understanding of this folklore died out with the successor of the singing bowl.

It is believed that the first singing bowl was created with Copper. And, for musical and medicinal purposes.  Initially, they were made in the artisan’s home.  Knowledge regarding the bowls was gained by other generations. Though, it was broken in between. Later, the craftsmen started making it with brass metal (created with the combination of different earth alloys, copper is included).  Few anecdotal sources state that a 2000 years old singing bowl of brass arrived in Tibet in China at the beginning of the current century.

Different Singing Bowl Terminologies

Knowing the various words used as a reference of the singing bowls helps in navigating the market in a better way.  Read on to find out:

  • Brass Singing Bowls

Considering the aesthetic appearance, the brass singing bowls are best. These are recommended for those who would like to store water for manipulating the sounds. 

  • Crystal Singing Bowl

These types of bowls came into the picture in the last decade. It gives a different way to generate sound vibrations related to what is feasible with the bowls made with metals. 

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl 

The Tibetan Singing Bowl usually comes with different sets of the mallet. Various sized mallets imply you can experiment with several volumes and notes while playing the singing bowl. 

  • Tibetan Bell

The term Tibetan Bell entered the modern market mainly because some people couldn’t figure out how to play it correctly. For those, these devices could be used with repeated tapping to create sound.

  • Chakra Singing Bowls

The Chakra Singing Bowl includes a full spectrum of light, the same as a rainbow. Every colour in this spectrum is directly related to the color chakras in the energy body.

Meditation with Singing Bowls

The bowls belong to one of the methods of sound therapy. As you practice, you let the sound of high frequencies and vibrations from the bowls pass through you. Therefore, the effect is on several levels.

  • At the bodily level, it reduces pain, improves blood flow, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, improves concentration and the functioning of internal organs.
  • On a psychological level, it improves mood and sleep, relieves stress and anxiety.
  • And on a more subtle level, there is a harmonization of subtle bodies, the activation of the body’s energy centers, and the opening of the chakras.

How do singing bowls help in meditation?

The task of the sound therapist is to relax everyone who comes to practice. For this, they use secrets and various musical instruments – the sound of the rain, the bell of the Kosh, and the jew’s harp. 

After setting up for practice, you lie in Shavasana for 30-40 minutes – this is the yoga pose that best helps you to relax. And you don’t do anything. Yes, you just need to lie down. Can you imagine what comfort it is? At this time, the master plays the singing bowl. Then you slowly return to reality and go home happy.

There are different ways to catch Zen while meditating. It is not always easy to turn off the mind. The good thing about decorative brass bowls is that you can focus on the music, for example, to visualize the color and direction of the sound. 

Gradually, you will notice that attention is turned off, thoughts become lighter – as if you are observing them from the side. It happens by itself, it is enough to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Sometimes it is impossible to abstract away – it happens if you are used to controlling everything. But the skill of relaxation can be developed. 

Who is this meditation for?

Anyone can play the singing bowls. You do not need to know the notes for this. But there are nuances- how to produce a harmonious sound, how to select bowls. Rather, it requires inner calm, concentration, and a set of tools. 

To work with people, you need to take special training courses, because this is a completely different responsibility. It is important to know how to protect yourself from other people’s emotions and not harm others.

Benefits of Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl Meditation has a number of advantages that differentiate it from other similar practices. First, over time, sessions of such therapy do not lose the novelty of sensations.  It is impossible to produce exactly the same melody. Each time the sound turns out to be different and, therefore, evokes different emotions and feelings. Each new session becomes a real surprise.

The longer you practice, the more interesting observations there will be. So, the bowls relieve pain during the female cycle, they can remove mild pain sensations, including dizziness, migraines, and a feeling of heaviness in the head. With the help of bowls, you can work out panic attacks, clamps. After a massage or meditation, negativity disappears, a feeling of lightness and relaxation appears. 

Practice allows you to look inside yourself: what am I missing, and is everything good with me, and what do I want now, how do I feel? You constantly ask yourself these questions and analyze the answers, first during meditation, and then outside it. And you automatically start working on the sensations. Along with this, your life is imperceptibly changing for the better.

And another hour of meditation is an hour of luxury for yourself: in silence, without gadgets and other distractions. Some clients relax so much that they fall asleep: it is in this state that the resources are reloaded, fresh thoughts come.


If you are meditating or the choice for a unique invention fell for therapeutic purposes, it does not matter. The main thing is to choose the best tool for yourself, relying on your natural waves. You can check this by making a humming sound and tapping, tracing the stick around the edges of the bowl. Some find their own, “ideal” subject right away, others, it takes time.

Summing up, we can say that singing bowls are a unique musical instrument. They are ideal for meditation and restoring the balance of energies in the human body.

Share your experiences with us. Also, do share your feedback related to this article.


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